Picture drive thru diners with waitresses on roller skates with cute skirts, blouses and hair piled high on top of their heads. Oh take me back to the 50’s!



Steamy hot fries, big juicy (veg!) burger annnnnd a cool & frothy malt shake to wash it all down.


9 Most retro recipe.

I asked my friend Di what I should do for a retro recipe. She was the genius who came up with recreating a malt shake vegan-style. She’s awesome like that =)


This past weekend was a long weekend, so I hopped on a train and met Di at her place in San Francisco. Nothing beats spending a weekend in the city. The good vegan food, the exciting adventures… and of course, malt shake making! Di and I went out for lunch at our favourite restaurant, Gracias Madre. We went vintage shop dressing (no luck, but tons of fun!) and checked out the De Young Museum while wandering around Golden Gate Park. By the time we got back to her place, made and ate supper, it was quite dark! It did not make for very good picture taking.


We stayed up late watching stupid movies and drinking these shakes. So fun!



Now, I find making a “shake” fairly easy. You can use frozen bananas and coconut milk to make it nice & thick. But what about that malt flavour?


Di found Barley Malt at Whole Foods. I think you can order it online, too. If you can’t find it – don’t fret! Just make it without, it’ll still be totally awesome =)

Malt Shake (makes enough for 2 people)
2 cups of coconut milk
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
a generous handful of chocolate chips
3 tbsp of barley malt
1-2 scoops of plain vanilla ice cream (we used So Delicious Vanilla Bean)
a pinch of salt
1 tsp of vanilla extract

Blend and enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Malt Shake

  1. I still really need to get my mouth on So Delicious ice cream. Have you ever tried their sugar-free version? I am scared to try it though, because I am scared to love it and then eat pint after pint! lol! It might be sugar & dairy free, but it ain’t calorie-free! ha ha ha!

    1. WHAT?! How have you not had So Delicious Ice Cream? Your homework for this week is to track some down (you live in LA so I know it won’t be hard haha) and eat it! Best. homework. ever.
      I haven’t tried the sugar-free yet, I fortunately don’t have a huge ice cream craving, so I can eat just small amounts at a time. If only I could do that with chocolate… It’s a good treat. Have some friends over and share it ;p

  2. Very cool. I do happen to have some barley malt, however it is not overly sweet, is that like the barley malt that you used? Most malted milkshake recipes seem to use malt powder, but all the malted milk powders I have found here contain milk!

  3. oh yeah, I gotta track down some barley malt for myself and recreate some malted milk like my grandma used to make for me. I have such fond memories of it! I sure wish someone would make vegan malt balls too!

    1. If you have a whole foods nearby, you could find it. Maybe online shopping too?
      That’s so cute your grandma used to make them for you =) What great memories. The vegan malt balls were sooooo good! I would totally make them for you if you lived nearby =D

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