Luminance Skin Care (Review)

I was recently sent some wonderful goodies to try from Luminance Skin Care. I was actually quite excited by this. I have to admit that I normally go to Whole Foods, grab whatever cleanser & moisturizer are on sale, use it, regret it and try something else. Terry and I have a bit of a budget with only one income, so I would prefer to spend my dollars on other things. Like raw cacao powder, vanilla beans and delicious vegan cheese.

This is so very wrong so many reasons.

1) Every skin care product I try inevitably gives my skin a rash (that fortunately goes away by the time I leave the house – but who wants to use something on their skin that gives them a rash?!)

2) I can’t pronounce a lot of the ingredients in these things! Try as I might to by clean, vegan products, they still have scary sounding things in them.

3) Why on earth cheap out on something that goes on my body when I would never cheap out on something that goes in it? Our skin is a valuable resource and should be taken care of.

4) My mom always told me to take great care of my skin. This was right up there with always wearing clean underwear when you leave the house in case you somehow got in an accident and had to go to the hospital. You wouldn’t want those EMS peeps to see your dirty undies would you? Skin care is also important!

5) Treat yourself (and your skin!) to good products. It’s as simple as that.


I actually got a chance to have a chat with Kim, the creator of these amazing skincare line. He started all of this for his wife =)

When Kim’s wife started experiencing menopause, she became incredibly sensitive to a lot of skincare products, perfumes, dyes to the point of getting migraines. This set them on a quest to try dozens of products to find one that wouldn’t irritate the skin, but couldn’t find any. Kim found that commercially made things are made for the ease of making, not to help with skin care at all. So he thought he would try his hand at making some himself. It started out as a hobby, then he did some research by having people try out his creations and then finally making a product. Pretty great husband huh?

Now, I actually am one of those folks that has super sensitive skin. I haven’t really managed to find any sort of facial cleaning product that doesn’t irritate my skin and/or give me a bit of a rash. I am definitely sensitive the perfumes and go for the unscented, but even then, I come out with blotchy skin from some other ingredient, but from my educational convo with Kim – pretty well all products on the market have scents and they add a masking scent to hide the fact that they added a scent. Crazy, right? He wanted to be different, to create a different product. A product that specifically would not harm anyone or anything.

Which brings me to the vegan side. These awesome-sauce products are 100% vegan. They are organic and wildcrafted and therapeutic grade. The best thing for your skin does not come from animal products, our skin thrives on things derived from plants. Oh and these gems are raw to boot! Heat tends to break up molecules and tears things down – but no heat is used when preparing these beautiful concoctions. These ingredients are responsible. I can actually pronounce everything! You could actually eat them if you wanted to – how many of you could safely say that of your current skin care products?

I love how my skin sings when I use these products. Now that I’ve tried it out, I know I can’t go back to my regular, cheap, whatever is on sale stuff. Although I would not consider this stuff inexpensive, it doesn’t break the bank and the stuff lasts forever!

And there will be a giveaway!! This is a preview of the giveaway, I need you to check back Friday to score some free stuff so you can try it out too!

Can’t wait ’till Friday?? Go check out their website here.

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