Liz Lovely Cookies – review & giveaway

Have you ever completely fallen in love with a product and wanted to share it with EVERYONE? In general, I like discussing products with my friends to see what we like and don’t like. But I don’t normally get super jazzed about something. Until these cookies that is! They  are certified vegan and are utterly and completely delicious.

When I first moved to Northern California from Ontario, Canada, I left behind many things I loved. My family and friends, my job (yes, I loved my job), and product brands I had become used to obtaining easily. When I moved here, all of that changed. I was suddenly stuck with finding new friends, a job (which still hasn’t happened…) and many new brands that as I was no longer able to find some old favs. In Canada, I hadn’t really found a cookie that I absolutely adored, but I had a few treats that I liked buying from my local Health Food Store.

The weekend of my last birthday, Terry and I went to San Francisco to spend the weekend and we visited a super cute little health food store called the Gluten Free Grocer where I found a particularly yummy-looking cookie to try and had to buy it. I kid you not when I say I fell head over heels in love =) It has become my favourite cookie, hands down. At first, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere else and I was pretty sad. But then I saw it creeping up in a health food store called New Leaf Market  in Santa Cruz (an hour away!). And I will admit to you that when I had a cookie craving, I would drive my butt all the way up there for one. I would also just spend the day by the beach and enjoy the cute little beach town atmosphere, but I definitely drove there more often than I normally would. I have since seen the cookies cropping up in other places and they are now even carried in Safeways.

I was given the opportunity to sample some cookies when they sent me a package to review. When I received my fun package of cookies, I noticed the environmentally-friendly packaging.

I have tried most of their gluten-free flavours, my favourite being Triple Chocolate Mint. I also really enjoy Snickerdoodles. Remember when you were younger and you’d have a glass of milk with a cookie as a snack? I still enjoy this snack, it just happens to be homemade almond mylk with a Liz Lovely cookie =)

I quite enjoyed all of the cookies they were kind enough to send to me (I’ve tried most of them anyway ;p):

Triple Chocolate Mint – My favourite! It melts in your mouth and gives you an instant chocolate kick, followed by a subtle and wonderful hint of mint.

Snickerdoodles – This actually reminds me of cinnamon toast crunch cereal from when I was a kid; sweet & cinnamon-y goodness!

Chocolate Chip – It is jam-packed full of chocolate chips, I love how there are several in each and every bite of the cookie!

Peanut Butter – The perfect combo!! It even has a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom. ‘Nuff said.

Chocolate Fudge – Nice, dense and very fudge-like with chocolate chips smattered throughout the cookie.

Ginger Molasses – A light dusting of unrefined cane sugar atop a very moist cookie, infused with ginger to tease the tastebuds.

What I really like about these cookies (besides the taste!!) is the texture. It’s surprisingly moist for a gluten-free cookie. I have yet to come across anyone else who has managed to nail down this texture while maintaining a tasty, gluten-free & vegan treat. And this is a treat! It is a sometimes food that I enjoy at times I feel the urge to be a little indulgent. I do like that they manage to stay away from refined flours and sugars though and don’t have a crazy long list of ingredients or include any ingredients I can’t pronounce or understand. They try to keep the ingredients as natural as possible (from the website):

  1. No artificial ingredients of any kind
  2. No preservatives
  3. No “colors” or “flavors”, just real food
  4. No genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO)
  5. No trans fats or hydrogenated oils

I would love to share some cookies with you guys! Two of my lucky readers will receive a pack of cookies. The flavours up for grabs are my two favourites – Triple Chocolate Mint and Snickerdoodles. Just comment letting me know why you’d like to try these awesome and delicious cookies. This is open to anyone living in Canada or the United States. I will randomly select 2 comments on Wednesday May 1, 2013 – so be sure to comment by then!

Go on and check out their website.

23 thoughts on “Liz Lovely Cookies – review & giveaway

  1. Ugh, for TWO years I’ve asked my dad to hunt these down when he was visiting his bro in AZ and no luck! I would love to win!!! Especially the Triple Chocolate Mint.

    Ohhhh…….. So jealous!

    1. (Side note – it was actually the gluten-free Lovely O’s I was trying to get him to find, but hey, I’ll take a consolation 😉 )

    2. Aw poor you!! So far you are the only one who has commented =)
      I have tried the Lovely O’s and they are quite tasty, but to be honest, the cookies are much, much tastier in my opinion.
      Thanks Laurie!

  2. Kimmy, your enthusiasm and love for this cookie is palpable. I’m a skeptic as I’m not vegan or gluten free but am always looking for new yummy treats. Well done my friend.

  3. Oh yum! These sounds totally fab, especially the chocolate mint!

    I would love to try them but I’ve had to make some dietary changes recently (will talk about it on the blog eventually) so I can’t be having grains or most sweeteners. So no worries on entering me in the contest, I just had to comment 😉

    1. Thank you for the comment even though you are not looking for cookies ;p
      They are definitely a treat, I have them a little more than I should and indulged a bit this weekend since I just finished the cleanse.
      I look forward to hearing about your new dietary changes. I’ve decided to make a few changes myself, nothing major.
      Thanks Gabby!

  4. me me me me! I would like to try them, because I love cookies. Actually I thought I had tried Liz Lovely before, but I don’t think I have…. they don’t look familiar, but they look yummy!

    1. What?! How have you not tried these cookies yet? I’m pretty sure I have gone on and on about them around you at least a few times ;p
      And I did bring some lovely-o’s to your card game party. They are so super tasty!
      Thanks Di!

        1. Oh you poor dear! If you don’t win, maybe we can do a vegan snack swap? I can send you some lovely-o’s and you can send me some things I’ve been missing that I can’t get down here =)

  5. It’s hard to find tasty cookies to buy in this area so I end up baking a lot. These sound delicious…would love to try them.

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