Lentil Tacos & Cumin Lime Roasted Veggies


Good morning, Gorgeous! I hope this day is treating you well so far. I have TWO fabulous recipes to share with you today. Super delicious and fairly quick to throw together if you do some prep work in advance (or use some store bought things instead of making it yourself).

I love tacos. But they don’t love me. I’m gluten-free, which has me avoiding soooo many delicious wheat tortillas. And I don’t tolerate corn well. And that pesky soy-based fake meat is out too. I usually stick to bean burrito bowls, which is fine, but sometimes a girl wants to celebrate Taco Tuesday 😉

I took it upon myself to make something allergy friendly. And it did not disappoint!


It’s tasty and pretty. I think kiddos would enjoy it as well.

Lentil Tacos (serves 2-3)
4 tortilla shells/wraps of your choice (I found Rudi’s gluten-free spinach worked great!)
1 cup of lentils (I actually only had french haha, but I would recommend brown ones)
1 3/4 cups of liquid (I used mostly water and a bit of homemade veggie broth)
spices: 1/2 tsp each of dried cumin, coriander & parsley and 1/4 tsp of garlic & chili spice

Cumin Lime Roasted Veggies (serves 2-3)
4 cups of your fav veggies chopped into bite-sized pieces (I used mushrooms, zucchini & bell pepper)
1-2 tbsp of olive oil (I used 1 tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp of water)
1 large clove of garlic, minced
1 tsp of cumin
a sprinkle of coarse sea salt & pepper
the juice of half a lime

Start making your veggies first. Preheat your oven to 400. Chop the veggies and combine them with the olive oil, garlic and spices in an oven-safe dish. Cook for approximately 25 minutes or until veggies are tender. After putting the veggies in the oven, start on the lentils. Put your water and/or veggie broth in a pot with the lentils and a pinch of salt and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, partially cover and simmer for 20 minutes until they have softened. In the last few minutes of cooking, add the spices and mash them up a bit. When your veggies come out of the oven, squeeze the lime juice on them and stir them up.


Take your lentil mixture and scoop it evenly into 4 tortillas and add your favourite toppings. Serve the veggies alongside your taco. I chopped up some spinach & tomato as garnish. I also quickly whipped up some guacamole and I just happened to have some leftover nacho cheeze in the freezer that I thawed earlier in the day. Voilà!


23 thoughts on “Lentil Tacos & Cumin Lime Roasted Veggies

    1. So easy to make! Sometimes I just make them with sautĂ©ed veggies. Or black beans. Lentils was new for me, but I loved it so much I’m sure it will become a regular thing for me. Thanks Mary Ellen =)

  1. These are my kind of tacos! While I’ve revitalized many a leftover lentil dish by using it in a wrap, I’ve never tried lentils in tacos. Tomorrow night is taco night with our extended family. I’m going to offer up some of these. Thank you!

    Btw, I found you and this recipe on the Healthy Green & Natural Plant-Based Potluck.

    1. Getting out the lentils to make the tacos reminded me I haven’t been eating them as regularly as I used to and it got me to try a creative way to eat them.
      Thanks for sharing your article at HVF Nancy! I look forward to reading it =)
      Have a great day!

  2. Kimmy, these recipes look delicious! Can’t wait to try them, although I’m sorry to hear that you don’t tolerate corn. It’s enough of a pain to do without the gluten grains. I’ll have to try those tortillas, though–they look tasty, along with your taco filling and roasted veggies. Yum yum!

  3. Hi Kimmy,
    So healthy and delicious! With ingredients like these who can resist this! I am so glad you shared your Lentil Tacos & Cumin Lime Roasted Veggies with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing!

  4. Just stopping back by to let you know this is my pick for Recipe of the Day on YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook page as well as on Twitter and Google+. Several members of our extended family came down with the same cold and we had to skip taco night, so didn’t get to try it yet, but soon!

    1. Oh thank you so much Kathryn! I hope you enjoyed it =)
      And I hope everyone is feeling better. I seem to have caught a nasty cold and maybe I should make these to help feel better.

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