Lemon Baked Tofu – an Ode to William


25th: Vegan Memories – What was your first vegan meal? Or the one you remember the most?

This hurried post has been brought to you by having 3 volunteer shifts, several errands coupled with deadlines and moderate stress. 

Ok, so I was excited for this post. I had a great idea and honestly, it panned out better than expected! The recipe came out scrumptious. However, the pictures suck. Would you believe I left my house this morning before 7am and didn’t get home until 5pm? The kind of day where you have to pack breakfast AND lunch (with snacks of course), drive from San Jose to Santa Clara to San Francisco to Sunnyvale to Mountain View. And it’s the anniversary of the day I got my pup Sunny and I had to offload her at doggie daycare because of the above. That being said, I had no time for pretty food pictures. I’m sure you’ve been there 😉 If you scroll on down past the recipe, you will be rewarded with cute dog pictures though!


My first vegan food memory was supper at our good friends Jim & William’s house. I had met William through volunteer work and we became fast friends. Coincidentally, we learned we lived in the same apartment complex, a mere 3 apartments apart! William and I would walk around Waterloo Park together and have tea dates. We started bringing our husbands together for double dates and realized we all really enjoyed each others company. William was vegetarian when I met him and started dabbling into veganism shortly after (and this was back in early 2000’s!). I thought the concept was strange and wasn’t particularly interested. I was also the world’s pickiest eater and when he invited us over for dinner, I was beyond nervous. He made lemon tofu and rice and I remember taking a tentative bite struck with the thought I may have to spit it out as tofu sounded so gross. BUT it wasn’t!!! It was utterly delicious! It was pressed and marinated perfectly. I credit my interest in veganism initially to him as I wanted to make dinner for him and Jim and of course wanted to make them vegan food. It turned out to be just spaghetti and it wasn’t all that great, but they were polite. We haven’t been in touch in awhile, this reminds me that I miss them terribly and I am grateful for the wonderful times we spent together. This tofu is for you William <3


William’s Baked Lemon Tofu (serves 2 hungry people)

1 8oz package of firm tofu, cubed
the juice of a lemon + a bit of zest
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp of tahini
1/2 tsp of dried dill

Start by whisking all of the sauce ingredients (lemon juice through dill) into a small bowl. Place your tofu in a shallow, flat baking dish and cover it with the lemon sauce. Allow this to marinade for at least 30 minutes (though the longer, the better). Preheat your oven to 375 and bake your tofu for about 20 minutes, turning once halfway through. We enjoyed ours with roasted sweet potato “fries” and roasted veggies.

And today (the day I wrote this post – November 23rd) is our 3-year Puppyversary! Three years ago today we adopted Little Miss Sunshine (aka Sunny). She has made our lives infinitely brighter and we can’t imagine life without her. My dog, my walking buddy, my couch potato friend, my bestie. Here’s to many more years together. Here she is enjoying a vegan pupcake 🐾


“What the heck is that thing?”


“Wait! Did you say treat?”



Did the puppy pictures make up for the lack of fine food photography with the lemon tofu?


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