LA Trip – the sights

Side note – I had meant to write this post up before the holidays. Terry and I went on a long weekend trip to Los Angeles. We had a GREAT time and after putting in a bunch of volunteer hours over November & December, it was just what I needed to relax & reset. Annnnnd I left my phone on the plane. Yup. I am the type of person who does not lose things. I’m organized, can be counted on, am not flakey (mostly… haha) and I don’t lose things. It was horrible. After a few days, I gave up hope, but Delta Airlines (YAY Delta!), recently found my phone and returned it to me. It had all of our trip pictures on it and I’m happy to finally share some with you. A separate post will be up next week with food =)

Morning of day 1 = running! My happy place (just like my hat says – Run Happy)


My running route.


Out for an evening stroll and happened across a chandelier tree.


Checked out the store Vegan Scene. Super cute little store with awesome cruelty free clothing. They were having a sale so I walked out with some tops. I highly recommend this awesome store if you are ever in the Venice, CA area.


Check out my awesome top from Vegan Scene:


Checking out Santa Monica


We decided to check out a Warner Bros Studio Tour.


We saw some Gilmore Girls scenes!!! (like the secret bar, etc)



Fuller House house


Batman and Wonder Woman



And Harry Potter


And in the interest of saving the best for last. FRIENDS!



We got a tiny glimpse of the Hollywood sign


The last day we stayed, I got up early to catch a sunrise run over the Venice Canals


Already looking forward to our next Southern California adventure (I’m looking at you San Diego!).


10 thoughts on “LA Trip – the sights

    1. It’s actually what they call the tree. They have a little set up so you put a quarter in and it lights up for a period of time. So cool!
      It was a very fun trip =) Thanks Johanna!

  1. Isn’t it weird seeing sets? I took the tour of Universal Studios and was like “this looks familiar….” and then they would mention ALL the different movies that were shot there. Sometimes I notice them when watching new things too.

    Glad you got your phone back.

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