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Ok – prepare to be picture spammed. This post is dedicated to all of the amazing food we had on our recent trip to LA. There was A LOT of food…. so there are A LOT of pictures 😉

We were meeting a friend visiting from Canada for supper. We were wandering around downtown LA and I could not BELIEVE the amount of random vegan food places I was seeing when we decided to try Tender Greens. They were super friendly, helpful and easily able to accommodate my vegan diet and even switched out the non-vegan tzatziki for their vegan hummus. I tried the falafel salad and it was SO GOOD!


As we’d had a very small lunch earlier in the day, we found ourselves still hungry as we pulled up to a Whole Foods near our Airbnb. LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!



Dear Whole Foods,
I love you.
Love me.

While we were there, we figured we would pick up a few essentials for our stay and we found these for breakfast.


We had never tried these flavours and were pleasantly surprised. A little high in sugar – not something I would normally buy, but very delicious and made for a fun vacation breakfast.


As we strolled around Venice looking for our lunch spot, we were told it would be a wait. We wandered by this truck a mere block away and decided to start with dessert!



Only in LA could I randomly stumble across an ice cream truck with vegan options. Thank you Van Leeuwen’s for the delicious treat!


Terry tried pistachio, I of course went the funner route with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk.


We weren’t feeling too hungry by the time we got to The Butcher’s Daughter. It took a little while for our food to come, which was fine and built our appetites back up. It was well worth the wait, the food and service at this place are seriously top notch. It’s not vegan, but super veg-friendly and easy to make requests to veganize something. I got the Surfer’s Breakfast and subbed the eggs out and some of their homemade adzuki bacon in. It was really super delicious. I highly recommend this place.


There is a lot of walking to be done in the Venice area, so we quickly worked our appetite by mid-afternoon and had a snack break at Sinners & Saints.  Terry tried a cute lemon, raspberry mini-cheesecake, while I again went for chocolate in the form of a gluten-free cupcake. Great service, the owner was super friendly. And the desserts were decadent without feeling like we overindulged.



After more walking and exploring, we were ready for the main food attraction of our trip. I had high expectations for Little Pine and it did not disappoint! We had made reservations as we heard it could fill up. We were quickly seated and the staff were friendly and helpful and explained that the menu was designed to have people share dishes and that each person should order 2 dishes. We opted for 3  dishes total and dessert (yup, more dessert). One of the things I like best is that it is completely vegan, so no need to ask pesky questions and wonder if people will understand, etc.
This was by far the BEST food we had of the trip. The food was transcendental, it brought us to another whole level of food appreciation. And I would actually go far as to say that this is now in my top five best food experiences ever. Yes, that good! We split the Broccoli Arancini (so good!), the Mushroom Bourgignon (utterly fantastic), and the Ravioli al Tartufo (which was mind blowing – I can’t even describe how good it is – best dish we had). Annnd the S’mores Ganache for dessert (I have no words…).





Oh and as a bonus – the prices are actually reasonable!

The next morning, we found out there was a local Farmer’s Market (Mar Vista Market) going on that was close enough to walk to. We weren’t really expecting much, just thought it would be fun to go and check out. Our expectations were wildly exceeded when we found a bunch of awesome vegan vendors.

Like The Ridiculous Baking Company that is a an awesome gem. It’s an organic baking company with delicious pastries. They are ridiculously awesome!




Terry tried a muffin and I got a croissant.


My super cute, new top is from the Vegan Scene!


We also found a vegan chocolate stand!!!! It puts almost all other vegan chocolate to shame! Chocovivo really makes their own chocolate (bean to bar!). It is the purest treat that has ever graced my tongue. We walked away with some bars as gifts.



As someone who doesn’t typically come across vegan & gluten-free baked goods, I loaded up on this trip. We checked out Rising Hearts completely vegan & gluten-free bakery and took back several treats. We enjoyed the seasonal flavours.


Lunch was spent at one of my fav places, Real Food Daily. We have been there a few times before and always really enjoy it. This trip was no different. We each tried a basic bowl, wanting to eat something nourishing. It really hit the spot and was perfect fuel for a long day.


For supper, we made the trek out to Doomie’s LA. They have a location in Toronto and a Canadian friend said it’s a must try. As we drove up to the sketchy-looking strip mall, I wasn’t so sure. Walking in didn’t assuage my concerns any as it kind of looked like a dive bar, but I’m not one to judge before trying. The server was super friendly, the food came out quickly and it was SO GOOD. Definitely a greasy, junky meal, but if you’re going to go that route, this is the place. I tried the Chicken Parm Sub and Terry got the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.



And on the way to the airport on our last day, I had to get in a trip to Native Foods. Another old favourite. We went in thinking of getting something healthy-ish… but knew we typically eat that way at home and why not get something we don’t typically get, especially when we have no idea when we’ll be back. Terry got a Twister Wrap and I got my tried & true Native Southwestern Burger. Good stuff!



Do you have a favourite restaurant that you travel to regularly?

12 thoughts on “LA Trip – the eats

  1. Looks like so much good food!!!
    I will drive down to the Gold Coast (about an hour drive) to get yum cha when I can. It is so delicious and worth the drive!
    Of course I would travel to Seattle every day to eat there if it wasn’t so far away. 😉

    1. Oh the food was amazeballs. There were three meals that I didn’t share as they were just ok – but everything else was so good! Yum Cha? I’m not sure I’ve had that – sounds good!
      And yes! Oh Seattle – another veritable vegan paradise 😉

  2. There are almost too many things to comment on in your post but I’ll try!:
    1 – a vegan bar in whole foods, ah!
    2 – I need that key lime pie Kite Hill
    3 – I want that Broccoli Arancini right now
    4 – I didn’t know there was a Butcher’s Daughter in LA – there’s one in NYC that I still have yet to try!
    And lastly, I love those teal pant/jeans – you look so cute (I need a pair)!

    1. AH the vegan bar!! Right?! You should totally check out the Butcher’s Daughter – it was really good!
      I found those teal pants in the juniour sale section of Macy’s for $7. Shopping at it’s finest haha!

  3. Oh wow! So much good vegan food! Asheville is SOOOO veggie friendly, so I’m used to great options but I don’t even think you’d find that many vegan options here! So wonderful! And hilarious that you just ran into an ice cream truck with vegan options– spoiled!!

  4. Even though I live kind of near LA I never ever go to Venice but reading this makes me want to go there! I have never been to native Foods but driven by their location a few times and always think, wow I need to try that! Next time you are in LA try TLT. I believe they have a location in Westwood or near there. Their food is amazing!

    1. Venice is so beautiful! With so much good food. You should definitely give Native Foods a try! Their food is really tasty! I will definitely check out TLT – thanks for the suggestion =)

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