Kimmy’s Kitchen March 2017

March has been a busy month in and out of my kitchen! I have lots of photos for you, feel free to scroll quickly as I think this may be a longer (picture) post.

In my kitchen, I have been enjoying all of the lemon things!!

This super delicious lemon-licious overnight oats from V-Nutrition topped with fresh strawberry. Very refreshing & filling after a long run. Yum.


The most mouth-puckering, kick in the butt, great way to start the day Luscious Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie from A Virtual Vegan.


This Lemony Lentil Soup from Oatmeal with a Fork. I enjoyed that it was quick to throw together after a long, busy day. It was good the night I made it, but so much better the next day after the flavours melded together.


Lemon Pepper Tempeh from The Full Helping atop lemony stirfried veggies.


We did manage to enjoy a few meals without lemons too.

The Fit Foodie Mama’s Sweet Potato Pasta. I added some veggies and it was great the night before my long run day.


Lentil Bolognese Spaghetti Squash from VNutrition. I actually recruited Terry to make this and he quite enjoyed making it. And then we enjoyed eating it. Allll of it in one sitting haha. This will become a staple in our kitchen.


These vegan, gluten free chocolate cupcakes that a friend made for me. So good!!!


This case of coconut water Terry ordered for me to help with my half marathon training.


Some fun, new items we picked up:


The Coyo Yogurt is so good! Very rich & creamy. The Ripple milk is actually not new, but I have been enjoying it a lot. It has more protein than any other vegan milk I’ve had. I found some new locally made hummus at the farmer’s market – so good! The chick’n sliders are not gluten-free, but I ended up trying one, they are really delicious. Rhizocali tempeh is our favourite tempeh and we can only find it near San Francisco. The TaDah falafels were quite good too, I enjoyed them baked on some salad. I haven’t tried the Passione Pizza dough (vegan & gluten free!!!) or the Dandelion chocolate, I look forward to trying both. And of course, more lemons.

Outside of my kitchen has been just as busy as the inside.

This adorable hot chocolate art enjoyed at a vegan coffee shop with no wifi – I enjoyed the lack of computers to be honest and got through a good chunk of my book.


This delicious, gluten-filled lunch at a vegan deli. Why yes, yes I did feel crappy after. And yes, yes it was worth every bite haha.


Lunch date with Terry at one of our favourite restaurants:





Date days at museums near beautiful views:





Extra long walks with Sunny:


St. Patrick’s Day Races:

Whew! March isn’t even half over. I have even more to look forward to.


How is your March going???


16 thoughts on “Kimmy’s Kitchen March 2017

  1. So nice to you with yours truly Terry. i don’t know if you’ve shared him with us before – nice to meet you Terry, and loving those heart spectacles.

    Kimmy, Do you want to come on over and cook for me, its only Monday and I am already tired of work and then coming home and cooking, its going to be food from the freezer week.

    Have you watched the movie Girl with A Dragon Tattoo, its amazing-but I am sure the book is better, of course it is.

    1. I have shared Terry before, but probably not for awhile. He is a camera shy one haha.
      I would looooove to come cook for you Shaheen! Why don’t you move a little closer haha 😉
      I did see the movie – it was ok compared to the book. I hear there is a mini series though, so I think I will try that next.

  2. I am loving what is in and out of your kitchen :) Reading a good book with a good drink in a cafe is one of life’s fantastic pleasures and The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo makes for excellent reading (or at least I thought so – I hope you are liking it too!). All your lemon dishes look amazing and your recent product discoveries all look delicious, and novel to me here in the UK!

  3. such a cute photo of you and terry at the end – your days out look like fun – we got to an art gallery recently and it was lovely to see some amazing art – I love the name of the tada falafels and did not know that coconut water is good for marathon runners – I tried it once and it was awful so never had it again. And that tempeh looks really delicious

    1. The museum was really great, it was a fun day. The falafels were gooooood. I hope they appear in stores nearby.
      Coconut water is a naturally occurring electrolyte drink so when you sweat and lose (or unbalance) your electrolytes, coconut water helps replenish/rebalance them. It’s like gatorade, but much healthier. There are many people who don’t like it at all. I know some sneak it in smoothies so they can’t taste it.

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