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**Side note. I got extremely behind on blog reading during and after MoFo. The holidays didn’t help anything either. After stressing out and struggling to catch up, my Bloglovin’ app just recently decided I am caught up to January and I just didn’t have the energy to go to each individual blog I follow (24+!) and check to see how far I had got along. So I am starting from January and will try and keep up – my apologies if I miss an important post/event in your life. Honestly – I’m feeling a bit of a weight lift off my shoulders at this though 😉

I am writing this post while sitting next to my mom (with two pups between us, mine & hers) on her bed in Corunna, Ontario, Canada. I flew out last week to stay with her after she had her knee replaced. No one could have prepared either of us for how much work this would entail! Goodness. I really have taken on the role of a full time caregiver. I’m a cook, cleaner, dog walker, dish washer, launderer, physiotherapist (helping her with exercises multiple times a day), pharmacist (dispensing 6 different types of meds!), appointment maker, visitor entertainer, errand runner, spa technician (fancy word to help her bathe haha). Doesn’t really leave much time for blogging, but I’m enjoy visiting with mom and the rest of the family.

In my kitchen, you will find…

Hot chocolate! I found Philz coffee actually has vegan hot chocolate, but I tried Mary Ellen’s Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. It’s WAY better and super simple to make. And yes, my mom did buy me this ridiculously cute/expensive unicorn mug for Christmas haha.


Johanna’s Spinach Salad with Spiced Nuts & Cranberries. I forgot the cranberries haha. And I had to sub romaine for spinach, but the crunch was nice. The spiced nuts were warming and really made this salad shine.


This AMAZING Cashew Cheese from Nuts for Cheese I found in Sarnia. It’s nothing short of amazing. My only regret is that I can’t buy any to take with home back to California.


I made my Stuffed Squash for Terry and I before leaving for Canada so he could have the leftovers. Lucky guy.


This delicious supper of Life Affirming Nacho Dip, Cumin Lime Roasted Veggies, brown rice, blue corn chips, homemade guac and some smoky bbq tempeh for a ver special guest.


CUPCAKES that said special guest brought with them allllll the way from Burlington!


This healing pineapple stirfry made for mom (stay tuned for the recipe!).


Mary Ellen’s Black Forest Baked Oatmeal. I am not typically a cherry fan, but Terry is, so I made this more for him than me. But I loved it! The chocolate really adds a good flavour and the cashew whipped cream isn’t necessary, but a touch that makes for a good lazy Sunday breakfast.


Not pictured (as I forgot!) is Julie’s Crock Pot Lentil Soup. It was the perfect batch meal to make for the cold Canadian weather. Simple and makes enough for several servings – I really enjoyed it.

This vegan, gluten-free pizza I enjoyed from Giresi’s in Sarnia, Ontario. Who knew Sarnia upped their game and could accommodate people like me? I noticed their menu said they had gluten-free crust and had vegan mozz, so I emailed them ahead of time asking if I could indeed order a vegan & gluten-free pizza – they emailed back promptly confirming they could. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised. They make a tasty pizza! I liked the fresh mushrooms especially as many places use canned. And the crust! I don’t know what kind of oven they used, but it definitely reminded me of fresh, wood-fired pizza.


Take out from my favourite restaurant where my mom lives, Greens Organic Café. They brought their A game the day I went as I went home with this amazeballs burrito! “A wheat tortilla grilled with seitan chorizo sausage, mozzarella, brown rice & pinto beans adobados. Topped with cashew sour cream & tomato chipotle salsa. Served with greens & guacamole.” Not the best picture, but believe me – it was insanely delicious. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – if you ever find yourself anywhere in the Sarnia, Ontario vicinty – this place is worth the trip.


I may have left Greens with a gluten-free, vegan, chocolate pb cucpake!


Out of my kitchen:

All of the get well wishes my mom received from friends and family. I felt like I was living in a florist shop haha 😉


This bootcamp that I did with my sister’s friend at 6am one morning. Yes, we almost died – but we did it!


Walks along the water with my special guest and one of my very favourite people in the world.


Sarina from Earthgiven Kitchen who drove over 2 hours just to visit me at my mom’s.

IMG_8902 (1)

My mom’s CUTE DOG Peanut! Isn’t he adorable??


Lazy Sunday afternoons watching Fuller House with my niece.


What’s been in and out of your kitchen this month?

12 thoughts on “Kimmy’s Kitchen Jan 2017

  1. I hope your mum has a quick recovery, she’s lucky to have you to look after her.
    That cheese sounds delicious, I wish we could get fancy cheeses like that here!
    My kitchen has been home to a lot of recipes from But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan and Blissful Basil lately, for the Instagram cook along that I do
    Also cherries, watermelon and stone fruit. One of the good things about summer. We need something to make up for the oppressive heat.

    1. She did have a quick recovery! Thank you, Susan. The cheese was amazing – I wish I could get it here too. Although it makes for an extra special treat when I’m in Canada. I’ll have to check out those Instagrammers – thanks for sharing =) I’m perpetually bad at IG, but it’s a goal of mine to try and be better with is. Summer fruit definitely makes up for the heat!

  2. Wow you sound busy and I am sure your mum appreciates it and will get better quicker for the support – glad you tried the spinach and nuts salad – I am sure those spiced nuts would work well on quite a few versions of the salad! I love your unicorn cup ad am glad you are eating such good food – you have to keep your strength up with all that you have to do!

  3. I’m so glad you liked the lentil soup! Yay– thanks for the shout out too! Don’t worry about getting behind– that’s just life. I’ve had to do the same thing before too.
    Isn’t Fuller House so cute. It’s cheesy, but I’ve been really enjoying it.

    1. It was so good Julie! I was so sad I forgot to take a picture :( I like that it lasted so many meals – it made for quick lunches after it was all made. It’s totally cheesy – that’s what makes it all the better haha 😉

  4. That pineapple stir fry looks great – I will look forward to the recipe! And now I want gingerbread hot chocolate and black forest oats :)

    Sometimes it is better to take the pressure off with blogging so I am glad you did that! But also appreciate your recent comments on my site, so thank you x

    1. The recipe is up! It was pretty tasty. You should try those recipes! I like them both, but am very partial to the hot chocolate. We made it several times.
      Sometimes blogging can get to be too much – I am a perfectionist, I need to learn to let things go more 😉

  5. So glad your mom is doing better! Peanut is so cute. I’m sure Sunny had a good time with her. :)

    I think the universe was telling you it’s okay to skip on some blog reading. I’m kind of glad it did, this way it’s off your mind, I know it was stressing you. Starting fresh in 2017!

    Thank you so much for the food shout outs. :) I’m so happy your liked my recipes. Everyone else’s food looks great too! And that cheese, wow! I need me some of that!

    1. She’s doing so much better. Peanut is SO CUTE! He’s kind of a little brat though 😉 Good thing he’s cute!
      You’re right – you’re always right! Starting fresh is the way to go! I have liked every single one of your recipes I have tried – you are a great recipe creator =)

  6. My feedly account (similar to bloglovin) did the same thing. It was pretty much “lol you’re not going to be able to read all these Vegan MOFO posts….”

    My kitchen is pretty empty- or probably much more common looking since I don’t have as much time to make everything from scratch. I did get to make a pizza with my husband for “valentines day” and I am currently eating so delicious coconut milk ice cream for lunch XD Cookie Dough flavor, because that’s an important detail.

    1. I feel like there are worse things haha 😉

      I used to make so much more from scratch! I feel like I got out of touch with, I should work on that more while I have the time. That’s my favourite falvour!!!!! I have some in my freezer right now. I’m trying to sloooooowly savour the heck out of it haha.

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