Kimmy’s Kitchen April 2017

Well, I hate to admit it, but my kitchen has been a little boring this month. With starting a new job recently, getting sick and then Terry getting sick – some things didn’t go quite as planned :/

Meal plans went out the window in favour of canned soups and take out a few times. Carefully selected recipes for weeknight meals were tossed aside. And time for shopping has been diminished. Ah well, such is life. I do have a few things to share with you.

We found our way to Animal Place’s Vegan Republic earlier this month. It’s the only vegan grocery store in the area. I absolutely adore it, but it’s an hour away, so we only make our way out there a few times a year. But seeing Kite Hill’s vegan ravioli and a box of Sjaak’s Chocolates were well worth the trip!


Simple Mills came out with a new cracker flavour. I have yet to try it, but am excited as I love all of their other flavours. These are so far the best gluten free, vegan crackers I have had. On sale at Whole Foods I found dried mango, black tahini and Better Bean refried beans, which make for a great quick beans on toast lunch. I haven’t tried the black tahini yet, but I’m sure it will be featured in a recipe soon. I also picked up some Go Raw crackers – the carrot cake are my favourite. They are a very good work snack. And I found fresh rhubarb at the market!!!! By far the most exciting thing in my kitchen this month haha.

A good friend of mine has been interested in eating more plant based foods and I happily made some food for her, took her on a vegan dining experience and lent her some cookbooks. In return, she gifted me the new Angela Liddon cookbook. Yay! I was super excited and have already made the Lemon Cheesecake for a friend’s birthday:



I have been enjoying quick breakfasts like quinoa porridge:


I tried Mary Ellen’s One-Pot Lentil Quinoa with Asparagus and Peas. IMG_20170408_182752

I had to tweak it a bit as I was out of quinoa, so I used rice. And Terry can’t tolerate lentils very often, so I used mushrooms… you know me and mushrooms =) I was happy to find fresh asparagus and peas at the market. It was a lovely dish and came together quickly.

I haven’t had much time to enjoy other blog recipes I’ve been bookmarking, but this week on my meal plan I have Vegan Huggs Mac n’ Cheese and Alison’s Allspice Mushroom Lentil Bolognese.

Outside of my kitchen…

We missed the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt :( Terry is horribly sick (I gave it to him…) and I’ve been hearing that this year is the worst it’s been for ticks in quite some time and Sunny seems to be a little tick magnet. So we skipped the hunt as it was in an open field. I managed to find her an Easter-themed treat at a local pet store:


I saw this super awesome vegan t-shirt:


And I enjoyed some rather delicious, very non-healthy food at the Butcher’s Son:



I’m hoping to get more in the swing of things by next month. I know it will help when we are both better.

What are you enjoying this April?


10 thoughts on “Kimmy’s Kitchen April 2017

  1. All vegan grocery stores (or at least healthy ones) is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be moving on the island of Montreal at the end of April. It makes shopping so much more fun!

    I<m sorry to hear you both have been unwell. Andrew has been really sick as well until a week ago. Luckily, it skipped me this time around! (touching wood)

    I bet little Sunny had tons of fun nonetheless!

    1. Well… not everything in the store is healthy haha. They have a lot of sweets and chocolates – typically things I can’t find near me. Ooh I’m excited for you to move and here about your vegan adventures =)
      I’m feeling better, but Terry is now sick :/ I suppose that’s how it goes.
      Sunny has been loving us being sick as we’ve been home so much haha.

  2. Looks like a pretty good month to me!
    Nice haul from the your shopping. I loved those carrot cake raw biscuits when you sent them to me, they are so good! We don’t get Sjaaks here anymore, which is a shame because I love their Eli’s Earth Bars. Especially the Treasure one, like a giant peanut butter cup!!
    That was super nice of your friend to give you that cookbook. I have it and have made some nice things, though I think her first cookbook is my favourite of the two.
    Hope everyone is feeling better. xx

    1. Oh those carrot crackers are awesome. It’s like a little treat but without it really being too sweet.
      Ohhhh I would be so sad if I couldn’t get Sjaaks :( Maybe I should send you some =)
      I think her first one will be my favourite too, but I think this one will be easier to make things out of with my hectic schedule now.

  3. oh what a shame both of you have been sick – but yay to fun food finds and Angela Liddons cookbooks – I am interested to hear what you do with the black tahini – I had some last year and really loved it. And your cheesecake looks impressive

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