Kimmy’s Birthday Extravaganza Part 2!

Ok… this post is coming up a little later on Monday than I had anticipated, but better late than never! I thought I would share some pictures from my super fun birthday party =D

How cute is this?

We were trying to do a Hawaiian theme. I have been really wanting to there for a long time (I think we’re going on 25 years now). When we got married, we couldn’t afford to go on a honeymoon since Terry was still in school and I could only take 3 days off work. I made him promise to take me to Hawaii for our 6-year anniversary, but we moved here instead and I can’t really complain. So until I actually get out to Hawaii, I will try and bring some of the island to me.

My friend Di and her boyfriend Bill even came over early with decorations to set up. I have the greatest friends =D

And I made a ton of food. Pineapple salad, homemade guaccamole and salsa to have with some bean chips, lots of fruits & veggies. There were chips – not super healthy, but I do enjoy them, it’s a nice treat. And a friend brought lemon & thyme airpopped popcorn (it was SO good!) and another friend made roasted red pepper hummus… I could not stop eating it!

Looks like I am missing my lei in this picture… I had a rainbow one – it was cute.

I even made pina coladas! I went to the store and looked at the drink mixes and the ingredients were pretty scary looking. So I made my own by simply combining frozen pineapple, bananas, coconut milk, unsweetened shredded coconut, a bit of lacuma powder and some ice cubes. I had mine virgin and made some dirty ones for everyone else. High compliments were paid as people said that their drinks were much tastier than the ones with the pre-made mix.

One of my friends made me vegan & gluten-free cupcakes:
They are samoas and they were so tasty!

And my friend Di who brought the decorations made a coconut-pineapple raw cake:

Since going vegan, no one has made me birthday dessert – I’ve always had to make my own, so this was pretty awesome =)

I missed my friends and family back home in Canada – but my little hawaiian luau was incredibly fun =D And it was nice spending it with my new friends. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.


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