June Goals Update


June was such a blur. Yikes! I can’t believe it’s gone already. Does anyone else feel like the summer is whizzing by? I have been insanely busy… I still don’t understand how someone who doesn’t work can stay so busy. I should do “A Day in the Life” post sometime =)

Well, let’s check out the progress on last month’s goals. I’m getting a little sloppy halfway through the year, but there is time to turn it around still!

  • 1 new dance routine (I keep getting this done at the absolute last minute, so on the goal list it stays for now)
  • Keep finding ways to be happy (although this is becoming easier, it is still a challenge so I’d like to keep it on the list for now)
  • Find a new volunteer gig (since getting the dog, I’ve been slacking, I’d like to pick it up more)
  • More hiking!!! (’nuff said)
  • Try meditating (for real this month haha)
  • Try learning Spanish (this is a goal I wanted to do back in January for the year – I need to get crackin’ on this!)
  • Make a scrapbook for my niece’s upcoming 5th birthday (I made her one for her first & promised to give her one on every birthday divisible by 5 after)

Not bad… but not great. I kept so busy that I didn’t find time for a new volunteer gig, BUT I picked up 3 extra classes up at the YMCA where I already volunteer. And have been perpetually sore since haha ;p Meditating was an epic fail, I think I’m just going to let this go for now. It’s something I’d like to pick up, but I don’t think now is the time. I don’t want to be stressing out over it – it’s supposed to have the opposite effect! I have not yet started to learn Spanish and the summer is getting hectic, I may put this off until the fall. And although I didn’t finish the scrapbook by the end of the month, I had most of it done. I’m just finishing up this weekend.

It’s nice to set goals for ourselves to keep us feeling productive and useful, but it’s also good to realise when something just isn’t going to work out and put it aside for now and not feel guilty about it. That’s where I am right now. And I’m happy with that. Although I didn’t tick off everything on my to do list for the month, I feel pretty accomplished with what I did get done. And I found lots of time to socialise with friends and have fun (that should be on the list each and every month!!).

For the next couple of months I am going to scale back on the to-do lists considerably as I’m traveling a bit this month and next month – we’re moving. Not far, just the next town over. But I’m sure you know what moving is like. It is stressful! And time consuming. And it makes my OCD senses tingle when things are not organized and neat and tidy. Not fun, but it’ll pay off in the long run as it will shorten Terry’s commute time to work considerably. It’s also a very nice place – the kitchen is amazeballs!! I will share pictures when I have them.

In the meantime, a few goals for July:

  • 1 new dance routine (gotta stick with it!)
  • pack my entire life up. again. *sigh* ;p
  • work at making Healthy Vegan Fridays awesome
  • relax and have fun =)

And with that – I will show you some Happy Highlights from last week:

Celebrating Birthdays! (check out the cake I made here – it was AMAZING and made us so very happy)

Happy Canada Day!

Gifts from abroad (Ireland!)

Family Hike! 

New ‘do

I highlighted the last pic as I wanted to show off my new locks. Over the past few months I have been getting further and further away from my depression and feeling much more comfortable in my own skin. To celebrate this, I had my hair done. I’ve had the exact same hairstyle for 3 years. This makes me feel a little more vibrant and sassy.

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. I’ll see you back here Wednesday for a super yummy recipe =D

2 thoughts on “June Goals Update

  1. Hi Kimmy!

    Just found your site and love it!! So glad that you all enjoyed the cake too! Definitely one of my favorites :) I love how you make monthly goals. Definitely something I may try to do, thanks for the idea!


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