January in my Kitchen

I had been planning on sharing my super fun weekend with you… but neglected to take pictures. In fact, despite various activities, it looks like the only thing I did take a picture of was the pizza lunch with my friend Brie.

pizza (1)


We had a girls day. We went and got pedicures together. It’s not something I normally do because of the cost, the fact that I am a runner and will just wreck it anyway and I never wear open toed shoes, so what’s the point? But, I like to treat myself once in awhile and it was fun with a girlfriend. We followed pedi’s with pizza =D

I also went to a boot camp with another one of my girlfriends. And Terry and I went to see the Star Wars movie. He had already seen it shortly after it came out, but wanted to see it again. I was pleasantly surprised, it was pretty good.

And now for some things that I do actually have pictures of. Kitchen things!


Saw these Sprouted Seeds on sale at Sprouts so I snatched them up. Haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but I bet they are fantastic! I’ve been excited to find organic sundried tomatoes that aren’t packed in oil. You will be seeing some in an upcoming salad recipe :) I snagged some organic sunflower sprouts from the Farmer’s Market (score!). I am totally obsessed with Chia Bars right now. I should probably figure out how to make some on my own.

AND Miyoko’s Garlic Herb Vegan Butter. It is as completely amazing as it sounds. ZOMG! It’s SO GOOD! I used to *love* garlic butter/spread before going vegan, but haven’t managed to find any since going vegan. I’ve really been enjoying it on my toast.


Terry and I agreed not get each other Christmas presents. But he ordered me the mini blender attachment for my vitamix =D =D =D I’m super excited about this! I really like the large blender for smoothies, soups, sauces, salsa, etc. But I feel like I’ll make much better use of the smaller one for cheezes and dressings.



And this girly is always hanging out in my kitchen when I’m cooking. She helps keep the floor immaculate.


She’s sulking because I didn’t share any of my lunch with her haha.

What’s in your kitchen?

12 thoughts on “January in my Kitchen

  1. A mini blender jug is such a cool idea, I wish my blender had that option. I definitely have wished for a smaller one when making smaller batches of things like sour cream.

    My kitchen is the same as always lately. Though it is about to get a mini taco makeover. πŸ˜‰

    1. I made a half batch of cashew cheeze on Friday and it was nice! More blenders should have that option!

      Mini taco makeover sounds like the best way to update a kitchen haha. Can’t wait to hear about that!

  2. Mini Vitamix attachment??? I’m adding that to the list of stuff I have to purchase when I get back to the states. That would be such a handy thing to have!

    1. So totally worth it! The big attachment is great for smoothies, nut milks, large batch dips, soups and stuff, but I made a half batch of cashew cheeze in the small one and it was so much easier to use!
      When are you coming back to the states????

  3. I love sunflower sprouts! I haven’t seen them sold anywhere near where we live but when Matt and I got to Florida, we always find them at the local farmer’s market. They call them “sunnys” there.

    And speaking of “sunnys”, your little girl looks so cute. The picture you took of her is really beautiful!

    1. I am super spoiled – they sell them year round at the farmer’s market near me. Sunnys is the cutest name ever!! I love that. I think you can actually make your own sunflower sprouts. Maybe I should try and post about it πŸ˜‰
      Aw thanks – she is rather photogenic!

  4. The mini blender attachment is such a great idea! As much as I love my Froothie blender, it annoys me if I want to blend a small amount of something but I have to blend a huge batch just so it all gets thoroughly blended and not just splattered against the sides of the blender. Maybe I should write to Froothie and ask them to make a mini blender attachment πŸ˜€
    And those pizzas look amazing!!!

    1. I think all blenders should have this option! Why on earth would we always want to make huge batches of things? I like making single serve things quite a lot actually. You should definitely write to Froothie!
      Thanks Kyra =)

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