January Foodie Adventures

Would you believe that despite getting a cold right before Christmas, I got another one right after the New Year? I was laid out for several days, then Terry got it. Needless to say, blogging was pushed to the back burner 😉 Our area has been hit pretty bad with flu outbreaks, so I’m pretty lucky all I’ve had were some colds. I haven’t been up to making new recipes, but here are some fun foodies adventures I’ve had out.


A friend of mine brought this super fancy cake over last week from a new bakery in San Francisco called Wholesome Bakery. Not only was it vegan, but gluten free. It was lavender flavoured and quite unique to anything else I’ve ever had. Quite tasty. I look forward to going to the bakery in person sometime soon.


I found these at Whole Foods recently. They are SO GOOD! I love them and they will definitely be making a regular appearance in my cupboard and snack rotation.


I enjoyed this delicious Masala Bowl at Veggie Grill after a tough workout at a new gym. I thought I was in pretty good shape… I felt like I was dying after this workout haha. I added some crispy tofu to help my poor muscles recover.


This cupcake was obtained in Santa Cruz at Buttercup Cakes which I magically stumbled across one day and noticed that although they are not vegan, they do indeed carry vegan cupcakes. I love when this happens. A girl really can never have too many cupcake options.

What are you January foodie adventures?


6 thoughts on “January Foodie Adventures

  1. Surprise vegan cupcakes are the best!
    I am sorry you have been so sick. I got a terrible chest infection back in September, that lingered for quite a while. Seems like this has been a bad year for sickness all over the place! Hope you are on the mend soon.
    This January, I have some fun eating out planned, but also just enjoying cooking up lots of good things in my kitchen. I have to keep working my way through all those cookbooks!

    1. I love cupcakes anytime 😉
      I am feeling better! It just really throws everything off when you get sick – thank you for the kind thoughts. I hope you are all better too!
      I love seeing you work your way through cookbooks =)

  2. Ack! Being sick sucks! I got a really bad cold in December and today my husband is staying home with a flu. Yikes. I am a little nervous about my kiddo getting sick.. or worse… me XD It just seems to be bad ALL OVER. I hear a bunch of people who got shots still getting sick, though I am told that having the shot does at least lessen the length of the flu.

    I think I’ve tried those activated nuts from a snack box… maybe XD I think it was just plain almonds, not your fun flavored ones.

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