In & Out of my Kitchen May 2016

May is already half over! I can’t believe how quickly this year seems to be going by. May seems to be a busy month for me with birthdays, races, social gatherings and lots of volunteer shifts. Here are some things going on in and out of the kitchen this month.

Inside of my kitchen is fruit, fruit & lots of fruit. Cherry season just started (and peach!!), which is a very happy time in our household. And I found these raspberries on super sale at Whole Foods. Neither are organic, I strive to buy organic as much as possible, but they are local.


These falafel flavoured roasted chickpeas – super delicious!


The new lara bars!!!! I haven’t tried them yet, but am very excited to give them a go.


Miyoko’s new mozzerella cheeze. The texture is simply amazing. It melts. It browns. It’s transcendental.


These noodles were on sale at Whole Foods and I was surprised at how quickly they cooked. They don’t clump together and are quite good – especially for stirfry noodle bowls.


We were invited to a potluck bbq so I used the noodles to make this magical dish (recipe coming!):


Outside of my kitchen has been fun too! Hikes with Sunny:


Sometimes we meet little critter friends…


Would you believe our dear little Sunny nose-bumped this guy??? Gave me a heart attack. Apparently the poison from their venom can’t kill a dog though. *phew*

My mom sent me a mother’s day gift from Sunny haha:


I added the pin to my volunteer badge to add even more flair:


Outside of my kitchen is an exciting time to try new restaurants like The Butcher’s Son in Berkeley, California. They are a completely vegan delicatessen. I give them two thumb’s up!


The fried mozzerella was the star of the show


Fried Mozzerella and Meatball on Garlic Bread


Caprese Sandwich

And May brings nicer weather for races:


I ran a 5km race with my friend’s daughter for Girls on the Run.  This very cool organization is geared towards helping girls with inner confidence as well as fostering important relationship with other girls and work on team building experiences. We had a great time and are already talking about doing another run together =)

What’s going on with you this month?

12 thoughts on “In & Out of my Kitchen May 2016

  1. I did a doubletake on your Driscolls local berries because we have driscolls berries in Australia and I thought they were local – it appears they also have a brand in Australia but I haven’t the energy to get into the tangle of information online (they don’t make it easy which never endears me to a company)

    I’ve heard of the Butchers Son and those goods look fabulous – v jealous of them and your peaches – enjoy the sunshine

    1. Oh that’s funny that it’s the same name on the berries. Does the label look similar? That would make it even more amusing ;p
      I will be jealous of your summer in just a few short months 😉
      Thanks Johanna – hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Wow, you’ve had so much going on so far in May! I totally agree this year is going by so fast.

    I wish I was anywhere near that fried mozzarella! The one thing I miss more than anything since going vegan is mozzarella sticks and those look like they would be close.

    I’m still waiting on my mother’s day card from my pups lol. I keep reminding them (in front of my husband) but alas, still no card.

    I’ve heard a lot about GOTR. It sounds like a wonderful organization.

    1. I have this tendency of overbooking myself. It really must stop… it’s not helping me catch up on blogging at all haha.
      Oh the fried mozzarella was so good!!! Do you get Miyoko cheese where you are at all? She just came out with this new fresh mozzarella (the one I mention in my post) and you would LOVE it if you missed those cheesy sticks.
      Hahahaha. I told my husband that he and Sunny should make me breakfast in bed next year!
      Thanks Mary Ellen. Have a great week!

        1. If you have seen her others, you will probably see the fresh mozzarella at some point. It just takes longer to get out as it’s brand-spanking new. I’m a lucky duck living in the same area as Miyoko =D
          Have a great week Mary Ellen!

  3. The year is going by so fast!
    Those new Larabar flavours look good, I hope we get them here. We only just got regular Larabars in stock a little while ago. Things can be so slow to get here! I would like to try the turmeric ginger beet one.
    The Butcher’s Son food looks great… are all those bread rolls GF? I haven’t seen such good looking GF rolls ever.

    1. I will keep you posted! I’m sure you’ll get them there, it’ll just take time. I saw them come out awhile ago and didn’t see them in my store until just recently. If you don’t get them, let me know and I’ll send you some =)
      Haha… no. Nothing was gluten-free. I had a cheat day. And the next day had me wondering if it was really worth it :/ Ah well. That’ll keep me off of cheat days for awhile.

    1. Yes, that would be my one request too, I can’t eat it quite fast enough. That just means it’s full of fresher ingredients than the longer lasting things out there 😉
      Thanks Christine! I hope you are having a fabulous week!

  4. Have you tried Three Girls Vegan Creamery mozzarella “di Bufala”? It is heavenly! Melts, stretches, browns, ooey gooey yumminess. They just started shipping nationwide. I am on the east coast and have heard about the Butcher’s Son.. I wish I could try it! I have head all amazing things!

    Check out – they are excellent. They also have fantastic raw aged cheeses.

    1. Hi Kristianne! I haven’t heard of Three Girls – it sounds awesome though! I’m not sure we get it out here on the west coast, I’ll have to check out their shipping. The Butcher’s Son is pretty amazing – I will check out Three Girls! Thanks =)

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