In My Kitchen – September 2016 (and the interactive running playlist)

Ok, before we get down to some “In my Kitchen” business, I’d like to ask you a favour. My half marathon is coming up this Sunday, October 2nd and I need to make a playlist. A 2+ hour playlist. What I’d like from you, is to comment below with your suggestions on what songs I should be listening to while I’m running. You can suggest as many songs as you want – keep in mind that I’m looking for upbeat music to keep my spirits up after I inevitably hit a wall 😉 Current pop music is typically my choice of poison, but I’m happy to try most anything.

On to the kitchen!


With Mary Ellen’s Healthy Eating Challenge this month, I’ve been rethinking my snacking options and I love all of the cute snack-sized options of things I’ve been finding. Robin came over one night for a blogging night and brought this adorable mini-guacamole pack (bottom right). I have to admit when I eat guac, I like a lot of it, so having this snack-sized one was perfect. I also find when I buy veggie broth to sautée my veggies, I have to throw it out before finishing it as I use very little amounts. But this little one from Pacific is perfect, it’s even oil & sodium free! And sometimes I want to make a small amount of stirfried curry for myself and the So Delicious culinary coconut milk is perfect for just bits at a time – it lasts for days. I also found oil free hummus which is really expensive, but one of the best packaged hummus’ I’ve ever had and I’m not great at making it myself. I can’t buy it regularly, but once in awhile will be nice. This empty bag of dried mango helped me when I had “sugary” cravings =) It lasted awhile too! I think I may buy another bag and cut some up to make granola bars. And finally, I’m a bit of a nut & seed snob and tend to buy the raw kind, but the bulk section at Whole Foods was out of my regular raw sunflower seeds, so and these were considerably cheaper and they really add a nice flavour to my salads.

Food I’ve been enjoying lately:


KALE! I don’t know about where you are, but the kale has been really good lately. It is extra soft and so delicious – sometimes in winter it starts getting a little tough & bitter, so I’m really loving it right now and going through a large bunch every week. This is a meal I made for Robin & Ashley for our Girls Blogging Night. It was over 90 degrees, so instead of cooking something, I made gazpacho, some Texas Caviar, kale marinated in lemon juice & a bit of Evoo & these homemade Super Seed Crackers.


Sundays are my long run days for the half marathon, so I’ve been recruiting Terry to make supper as I have absolutely no energy after running 10+ miles. He made this nice marinated tofu & pepper with steamed green beans and mushroom risotto. It was SO GOOD! And healthy =)


I’ve been eyeing up this BBQ Pulled “Pork” Pizza, I’m not sure it’s health challenge approved, but totally tastebud approved! Terry loved it. And I paired mine with salad. It’s all about balance after all =)


And lots of salads. Roasted tomatoes really lend a nice flavour!


Found some veggie chips to enjoy with my hummus while I read a good book.


Roasted tomato burrito salad made for a friend for lunch.


The BEST tempeh veg chili I have ever made. Too bad the picture sucks :/


The day I didn’t feel like cooking and wanted junk food, but made myself this awesome noodle bowl instead. It only took 20 minutes and was really good!


This chocolate hummus I made & brought to bookclub!!!

Eating out hasn’t been much of a challenge, I’ve been managing to find healthful things:


Check out this amazing Macrobiotic Bowl found at Café Gratitude in Santa Cruz. Sooo good.

… I may have split dessert with Terry…



Date day lunch with Terry before seeing my favourite musical of all time!!!




Outside of my kitchen has us spending time at the beach! It’s been so warm.


Why yes, yes I am holding treats in an effort for them to pose for this photo haha 😉


Sunny is SO HAPPY to be off leash at this dog beach (Fort Funston, San Francisco) =D


And we couldn’t help but head to Santa Cruz to enjoy one of the last warm, sunny days before fall weather hits.

And running! I tend to just run around my neighbourhood, which can get boring for anything more than a 3 – 6 mile run, so I hit up a trail for my 12 mile run yesterday:


The Healthy Eating Challenge has been going pretty well for the most part. I will admit that the first week was definitely my best. I managed to find time to do the prep to ensure I had good, healthful things easily ready when I wanted them, even while on the run or stressed. The second week, PMS may have taken over and made me eat all of the chocolate. I had a hard time getting over stress eating, but managed to, so there must be something I can do for PMS – recipe coming! Last week was better and I have high hopes that this week will be more like the first, especially since I tend to eat very healthy right before a race as I want my body in top notch condition. I just need to carry that over to every day =)

And I will leave you with this cartoon that my friend Roger saved for me during one of my visits (I was assigned to give him bereavement support after his wife passed away a year ago and we became good friends):


He thought Terry would get a kick out of it. He was right 😉

Don’t forget to comment below with music suggestions for my half marathon next Sunday!

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – September 2016 (and the interactive running playlist)

  1. I’m so happy you liked the pizza, thank you for sharing! I love a good salad but all the delicious food you posted went out the window when I saw that chocolate hazelnut? cake? That looks so good! You’ll have to tell me where to grab a slice next time I’m down there. Next week my husband will be back down but of course he can’t bring that back, but he is bringing back my fav Philz coffee!!! Which will be so nice since I just cut out coffee and if I can go for 2 weeks until he gets back I think I will slowly savor every sip.

    1. Oh your pizza was amazeballs. It will definitely be in our regular pizza rotation =)
      Next time you are in the area, head to Café Gratitude in Santa Cruz – they have the most amazing desserts. Too bad your husband can’t bring you a cake home 😉 Philz coffee is a good consolation prize though!

  2. So many yummy things, but I have my eye on that pizza. Mmmmm…. pizza!

    I use the latest Taylor Swift album to power me through my epic bake sale baking endeavours, it is pretty good to get you going. Definitely Shake It Off! And I will never stop loving Call Me Maybe. I dare anyone not to bop when that song it on. Also when I used to do cardio at the gym many years ago I would listen to some songs of Avril Lavigne’s album of the day… the one that has Wish I Was Your Girlfriend on it… I don’t remember what the album is called. But there is a song called Everything Back But You on there that always got my tempo going! Ummm… Backstreet’s Back, obviously. Oh my god, so much great 90s music for keeping the beat going! Just find a 90s hits running tracklist. Ha.

    1. You really should make the pizza. It is SO GOOD!
      Ah a fellow Swifty =) I love Shake It Off – I actually teach a routine to that in my dance class. So fun.
      These are fantastic suggestions and will all make it on the playlist! Thank you =D

  3. For running kinda corny but the song “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany is great.

    Whole foods market’s store brand hummus is oil free and SO delicious. Not oil free bc it is loaded with tahini but still better than oil!

  4. Your posts always make me so hungry… And always put a smile on my face. Sunny is so adorable!
    And wow… I wish I could run too! Unfortunately, due to years of figure skating when I was younger (between the age of 3 and 14), my back is damaged, so running isn’t an option.

    As for playlist, I listen to these when I box with my husband (he teaches me… So I can land punches but he can’t. Perfect! lol)

    – Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John
    – Physical – Olivia Newton-John
    – Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
    – Rockin’ in the Free World – Neil Young
    – Company Man – Rival Sons
    – Shadow Play – Rory Gallagher
    – Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen
    – Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
    – Sweet Mountain River – Monster Truck

    I have so many on that playlist… So these are only a few! 😉

    1. Ohhh that’s too bad about your back :/ Poor thing – that’s no good.
      Ah! Physical – I totally forgot about that song. Hilarious! Oh man, these are fanfreakingtastic suggestions =D
      You box with your husband? That’s super cool!

  5. I am horrible at keeping up with music. I use to go to my co-worker who had similar tastes in music and ask if he herd the the new album by whatever band, and his response was “They have a new album?!” and then I realized their newest album would be 2 years old XD

    BUT here are some of my favorite dance songs to get me pumped when working out:
    Shamir – On the Regular (profanity for sure)
    2ne1 – Can’t Nobody
    2ne1 – I am the Best
    LCMDF – Rookie
    Charli XCX – Sucker (cursing in the chorus)
    Elliphant – Run Far

    1. Haha too funny 😉 I used to be horrible with music, but becoming a fitness instructor kind of makes me pay more attention.
      I’m not sure I’ve heard any of these songs so I’m excited to add them to the playlist! Thanks Jennifer =)

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