In my Kitchen February 2017

My kitchen has been a little boring this month. After my eye surgery, I couldn’t see well, so Terry did most of the shopping & cooking. Once I started recovering from the surgery, I got hit with a nasty cold. On the bright side, why not get all of the crappy things done at once, right?? I must be good for the rest of the year πŸ˜‰

In my kitchen, there have been some failures…


These are supposed to be pancakes. I am epically bad at making them, so I thought I’d cheat and buy a package mix… apparently not even that can save me haha.

Heart shaped things:


Flowers from a certain husband who looooooves me =D


note to self – do not be bummed if there are no valentine’s day gifts as he prefers to do cute things on non-special days throughout the year

Bored puppies from lack of walking and adventuring:


Takeout pizza to celebrate National Pizza Day (Feb 9) , complete with matching socks!


And some fun things:


Coconut water to hyper-hydrate after my eye surgery. Canned soups and mini oranges during the cold. Fun, new yogurt my husband picked up (he clearly missed the memo about getting the plain, unsweetened kind I normally get). The BEST sundried tomatoes in the whole world found at our local Farmer’s Market. Vegan, gluten-free pepperoni pizza (another find while Terry was shopping… amazing how these things don’t make it home when I shop haha). And some new breakfast porridge! I originally bought this as it comes in individual little packages and is “quick cook” and I wanted to bring some with me when I visited mom. As it turns out, this stuff is *really* good. I was not expecting much, but it has become a favourite staple in our kitchen. I cook it in almond milk instead of water and add a bit of maple syrup, cocoa powder, almond butter and fresh fruit. It’s ready in under 5 minutes and is the bomb. Go find some!

Outside of my kitchen…


My face after the one workout I got in between the all clear from my eye doctor to finally get back to exercising and getting a cold. Ah well, such is life πŸ˜‰

What’s in our kitchen??? Anything I should try out?

9 thoughts on “In my Kitchen February 2017

  1. Pizza with pizza socks sounds like fun and those flowers are gorgeous. Plus it is sweet of Terry to be doing the shopping and fun to get some stuff you don’t usually – esp that pizza! As for your pancakes – if you keep trying surely you will get there – it might be a matter of finding the right batter and the right frypan – it took me a while to hit my pancake stride but it is worth keeping on trying and hopefully even if they aren’t eh prettiest, they taste good (mine are never perfectly shaped but I am happy with them)

  2. So funny, that you even failed with packet pancakes – i love your honesty!

    I like pizza, but we don’t indulge in it that often, maybe this w/e – i feel like a slice now.

    Aw your pup looks so cute, hopefully getting its walks now.

    1. I fail at making pancakes quite a bit actually haha πŸ˜‰ I was pretty upset at first, but managed to have a good laugh over it later in the morning at least.
      We LOVE pizza and probably indulge in it too often. One of our favs for sure.
      Sunny is getting so much walking now and is loving every minute of it!

  3. Eye surgery? Oh noes! Are you okay now? And a cold on top of it–will the fun never end? :-/ Luckily you have your wonderful hubby and adorable pup to help you through! :-)

  4. Oh and what’s in my kitchen right now is a TON of chocolate icing made out of sweet potatoes and a shameless box of Daiya mac n’ cheeze that I like to stir baby spinach into. (Then I can pretend it’s healthy, lol.)

    1. Ohhhh chocolate sweet potato frosting! YUMMY! I love keeping one of those mac n’ cheezes in the cupboard for a crapola day that I just can’t bother to cook. Doesn’t happen often, but is totally worth it πŸ˜‰

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