In My Kitchen – August 2016

August has been a busy, busy month! With my mom visiting & my birthday I feel like I haven’t had much time to relax and catch my breath. I’m hoping that I can start to get caught up and also find some downtime. *fingerscrossed* haha I tend to keep myself way too busy!

Inside of my kitchen this month…

Chickpea salad! I realized I hadn’t made this in forever as Terry doesn’t tolerate beans, but he was working late one night so I whipped this baby up. I just mashed some chickpeas, added a few tbsp of vegan mayo, paprika, turmeric, powdered garlic, salt & pepper and stirred it up with some chopped celery and pepper. I also added some of the “juice” from my sauerkraut to give it a kick. Dee-licious.


Fresh produce from my friend Isabelle’s garden. #holycrapgardenproduceforthewin


And some fun new foods to try. I’m excited to give McDougall’s soup a try. Definitely not something I would normally buy – but for an upcoming hiking trip with no fridge, I can bring my kettle and enjoy some soup. Ok… so I totally ate *all* of the Jilz Crackerz before remembering to take a picture. But here’s the box. They are so good! Pricy, but I thought worth it. Candy cane figs from the market – sooooo delicious and pink in the middle. Prettiest fig I ever did see! Terry and I recently found the risotti with porcini & white truffle oil during a day trip to Carmel – should be tasty. The Nocciolata is vegan nutella and it is INSANELY DELICIOUS. It will have an entire post all by itself in the near future. And plum jam! My kitchen is pretty fun this month.


Outside of my kitchen…

Morning hike with Sunny dog. 3 miles in and she’s still trotting around like it’s nothing and I’m exhausted. Ha.


Visiting my friend Isabelle (who gave me pictured produce a few pictures up). She rescues hens and takes care of them in her backyard. In this picture, she’s feeding them watermelon. Ooooh and if you check out this YouTube video – you can see her training her chicken how to distinguish a Queen of Hearts in a deck of cards. Chickens are super smart!


I went to a bridal shower at a fancy pants tea place. The co-organizer called ahead to let them know I am vegan & gluten-free and they made this plate up for me. I don’t think I have ever had vegan, gluten-free scones. It was such a treat! And the little finger sandwiches had tofurkey slices in them with mustard and lettuce in some and then apple & fig butter in the others. Wowzers. Oh and they made me a cute little chocolate tart for dessert (which I neglected to take a picture of before scarfing unceremoniously).


Here’s a picture of the bridal shower attendees:


How has your August been?

6 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – August 2016

    1. Still haven’t tried the truffle risotto – but maybe this weekend! I feel like it will make a good meal on a night I don’t feel like cooking.
      Aren’t the sandwiches cute? I may have to recreate something for the blog. The heart scones were almost too cute to eat!

  1. Aren’t chickpea salads the best! Yours looks so tasty!

    How nice is your friend who saves chickens!? I want to visit the chickens! They’re so cute and they are super smart – I don’t think a lot of people realize that. When I went to volunteer a farm animal sanctuary, they chickens were very affectionate.

    How awesome that you had a vegan tea party at the shower! Looks like you had a great (but busy) month!

    1. Haha I love how you say it looks awesome and I snapped a quick, blurry picture ;p
      My friend is seriously awesome. I love her to pieces. If you are ever in Cali, I will take you to visit the chickens! I honestly didn’t know a lot about them before her. They are such lovely creatures.
      Thanks Mary Ellen =)

    1. Summer is really an amazing time. I love it and make the most of it. Oh I know! Me too – I hope to one day help out. There is a rescue this weekend, but I already had plans :( I promised I would go to the next one for sure.

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