In (and out of) my Kitchen June 2016

June is a fun month! There are anniversaries and it’s SUMMER. I realize I live in California and it’s perpetually summer here. But June really is the month that makes me feel happy and energetic and alive. Summer is definitely my time.

We have found some new things to try in our kitchen.

There was an Art & Wine Festival in our town last weekend where lots of cool vendors come to sell their wares. Some of them sell food items and we bought some Wild Mushroom Linguini & Roasted Garlic Balsamic Dipping Oil from Pasta Moré. We haven’t tried the noodles yet, but the dipping sauce is pretty amazing. I also realized my spirulina powder was expired… so I bought some new stuff. I forgot how potent it should taste. This should helpfully remind me to eat it on a regular basis, I don’t want to have to throw any of this expensive stuff out! I haven’t had a chance to try the Wonky Kale Chips or the Tasty Bite Mushroom Masala, but feel confident they will be good. The Choco Chunk Coconut Chips from Go Raw are bliss. Seriously. If you can track some down, do it!

I’ve also had more time to try some new recipes out.


Lo Mein Veggies from Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe. I tried rice instead of noodles and subbed tempeh in for tofu as we were out. This was really good! And it came together quickly.


Quick Curry Noodles with Toasted Cashews from Mary Ellen at VNutrition. I voluntold Terry to make dinner last night as I had a very busy day yesterday and I picked this as it had “quick” in the title. It was quick! He threw it together fast, he even saved time by throwing on raw cashews and forgetting the cilantro haha ;p It was really good for such a simple meal. I look forward to the leftovers I get for lunch tomorrow =)


Tofu Popcorn from Kate at Katering for Veggies. Drop what you are doing right now and make this. Seriously! This reminded me of my beloved popcorn chicken from my days loving KFC. It was a little labour intensive and took a little longer than I anticipated, but Terry and I were literally licking our plates clean. SO GOOD!


Tempeh Enchilada Casserole from Janet at The Taste Space. This was a hit in my house. We really enjoyed eating this casserole. We polished it off within 24 hours. I left out the beans as Terry doesn’t tolerate them well and used chard instead of kale and it was dee-licious!


I made Lee’s Easy Veggie Cups from Veggie Quest to bring to a potluck and everyone loved them. And couldn’t believe the Ranch Dip was vegan =) Yay for healthy snacks that everyone loves! Lee – I didn’t have enough glass cups, but these corn cups are compostable =)

And check out these awesome Strawberry Figs I found at the Farmer’s Market. They were a splurge, but super yummy and pretty.


Outside of my kitchen is spending as much time as humanely possible outside. This usually involves walking around the town with Sunny pants or going for long hikes.


My friend and hiking buddy even made me this vegan & gluten-free sandwich =D


She is vegan, but not gluten-free, so this was a special treat.


This was Sunny’s longest hike to date – 10 miles! She slept great that night… as did I 😉

Lastly, in (and out of) my kitchen, I finally got on board with a podcast I like – Dolls & Doughnuts. I have given the YouTube link, but it can be found on podcast apps and in iTunes. It’s done by Robin of Vegandollhouse and Ashley of The Vegan Adventure. It’s adorable, funny, witty AND informative. What more could you ask of a podcast?

What is in & out of your kitchen this month???

15 thoughts on “In (and out of) my Kitchen June 2016

  1. I’d love to know what you d with your spirulina powder, I have a packet that I wish to use up before its expiry date too and want to do more with it than bliss balls.

  2. Once again, I’m really happy you enjoyed my tofu popcorn so much! I agree with you… It’s worth the little bit of work involved!

    I really want to try those curry noodles. They look delicious!

  3. Wild Mushroom Linguini, yes please!

    So glad you liked my curry noodles! Good job Terry!

    When you told me you went on a 10 mile hike I didn’t realize Sunny went with you! Oh wow, Sunny puts my pups to shame. I’m lucky if they’ll walk less than a mile to Matt’s moms. Way to go Sunny! :)

    1. I will let you know how it is – excited to try it! Your curry noodles are SO GOOD!!! I can see this going into our regular rotation =)
      Haha… yes, Sunny has an abundance of energy. She wasn’t even tired after the hike, crazy little girl ;p

  4. All looks great – I am impressed at the meals you have tried – and they all look delicious – I am wrapt that you enjoyed the lo mein and I laughed at your comment about the spirulina being great fresh – I am like that sometimes when I open a new pack after finishing the scraggy ends of the old one.

  5. I’m in need of some new podcasts, so I will check out Dolls and Doughnuts.

    Looks like some yummy meals. I think that Voluntold is my new favourite word. 😉

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