In (and out of) My Kitchen – July 2016

July is a fun month. I LOVE summer and I’m enjoying each and every minute of the sunshine, heat, fruit, longer days, warmer nights. It’s all pretty fantastic. I’ve been having lots of fun in and out of the kitchen this month.

In my kitchen you will find:

Fruit, fruit & lots of fruit! We found all of these awesome peaches, apricots, pluots and lemons all at the local Farmer’s Market. And doesn’t it look pretty in my favourite bowl?


My new cast iron pan!!!!! The bottom is teal. Can you guess my favourite colour from the things you see in my kitchen? 😉


We are totally digging these Nud food crackers, which are hard to come by in California (they are from Toronto, Ontario). I LOVE Farmhouse Culture fresh kraut. It’s super delicious. I bought the Curry Love sauce for Terry to use while I head to Ontario to visit family and he isn’t much into cooking. I’m enjoying these Luke’s crackers that are gluten-free. I recently discovered That’s It fruit bars and like them – they are great emergency stash food in my purse. When I buy Justin’s Peanut Butter cups, I get a coupon for a free nut butter squeeze pack – they are great for snacks on the go. And lastly, one of my favourite things are these dates that I can buy from my Farmer’s Market that are grown  locally.


I haven’t had as much time to try out recipes, but I managed to try a couple. Sorry for the bad pictures…

Spiced Satay Pineapple in Sweet Potatoes from Bite-Sized Thoughts. I skipped the beans as Terry can’t eat them. We really enjoyed it, Terry especially as pineapple is one of his favourite things and he likes when I try and use it in things that aren’t desserts or breakfasts.


Tropical Turmeric Smoothie from A Whisk and Two Wands. I didn’t make it a bowl, I’ve made this smoothie a few times now – it’s my current favourite. It’s tropical and delicious and I love how it’s anti-inflammatory. It’s especially good with a good book =)


Kitchen fails have happened in my kitchen. Remember the gorgeous cupcakes I made a couple of weeks ago? I made them for a potluck I was going to July 4th. I made them the day before and frosted & decorated a few so I could take pictures for the blog. I covered the cupcakes and put the frosting in the fridge. I had made the frosting with hydrogenated coconut oil. And what do we know about coconut? It turns solid when it’s cold. And sometimes clumps up. So when I went to go frost the cupcakes the next day, the frosting was all hard and lump :/ Blogging fail. Live and learn!


I don’t have a ton of pictures outside of my kitchen – but believe me you’ll see more pictures when I’m back from my trip!

I took Sunny to a dog-friendly beach recently and let her off leash for the first time EVER. I had been wanting to try for awhile, but was so nervous. I was scared she may want to run off, but that was all completely unfounded. As soon as I took her leash off, she stayed by me until I encouraged her to run around. I have never seen her so happy. She was great, and I think we’ll try again sometime soon.


And lastly, this cute, new retro-inspired dress I found in the juniour’s section at Macy’s haha 😉


And I saw the Dixie Chick’s in concert. AMAZING show. I can count the number of concerts I’ve been to on one hand. I don’t like crowds and I’m not a fan of loud music… or staying up late (I have an old soul!), but after the last concert I went to, I said if the Dixie Chicks ever played a reunion tour, I would go and it would be the last concert I go to. So glad I got to see my favourite band of all time play with some of my fav people.


What’s in and out of your kitchen this month?

10 thoughts on “In (and out of) My Kitchen – July 2016

    1. Loved your potatoes! My husband loved them even more, so I will definitely be making them again as it’s rare that he goes on and on about something. The teal pan is pretty fun, it matches the accents in my kitchen and living room =)
      Thanks Kari!

  1. Your fruit bowl is beautiful! My favorite color is red so I like having pops of that color around the kitchen – great minds think alike!

    Blog fails are so annoying but I find that they always help me in the end.

    Sunny is soo cute. She looks so happy in the picture. I wish I had somewhere to let my pups run around like that. There are dog parks but the bigger dogs scare Sophie so much and I’ve heard a few pups got really sick from going to them too.

    Hot dress girl! Lookin’ smokin’! :)

    1. Aw thanks Mary Ellen! I love that fruit bowl. I have lots of teals/blues in my apartment. One of my very best friends has red accents in her kitchen like you =)
      Blog fails are actually a good thing because it makes me appreciate my successes that much more 😉
      I know you’re a dog lover and can appreciate cute dog pictures, especially when they are smiling the biggest smile EVER.
      Do your dog parks not have separate areas for small and big dogs? That’s too bad if not, I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting Sunny in with really big dogs, she’s so little. Sunny actually got kennel cough from a dog bowl at dog park once. We haven’t been back since. Gross :(
      Thanks doll =)

  2. As Mary Ellen said, great minds think alike… My favorite color is turquoise and it’s all over my kitchen! Thankfully, my husband doesn’t mind having it around the house either… 😉

    Your little Sunny is just adorable! Seriously, I want to hug…

    I haven’t been to many concerts either but seeing your favorite singer/band is something amazing! I’m glad you got to experience it.

    I love your dress! It really suits you. :)

    In my kitchen this month, there isn’t much yet… I’ve been somewhat disorganized (it happens to the best of us, right?), so I’m right on it! lol

    1. Ah I want to see your kitchen!!!!! I wonder if it looks anything like mine. My husband doesn’t mind either. Maybe because it’s not hot pink???? ;p
      If it works out, I can bring her with me when I come to meet you (if you’re interested). She’s pretty adorable and my best friend =)
      Thanks for the kind words about my dress =D
      I’m looking at my blog feed and feeling a little disorganized with how far behind I am… but that’s life. No sweat, right?

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