In (and out!) my Kitchen – April

April is already here! March whizzed past and I feel like April is already half over. I’ve been a busy bee and haven’t had a chance to try many new things in the kitchen, but lots of things out of the kitchen!

Inside my kitchen there have been nacho bar potlucks. I made the Life Affirming Nacho Dip from the OhSheGlows Cookbook (seriously, BEST nacho dip evah!!) and asked everyone to bring their favourite nacho fixins. We had refried beans, homemade salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, cashew sour cream, olives, etc.


And Birthdays the same night as the Nacho Bar. Happy Birthday Sarah!


My kitchen also tried out Purple Carrot, a vegan meal delivery service (dedicated post coming):


And Robin brought this vegan, gluten-free Buckeye allllll the way from her trip to NY to my kitchen:


Outside of my kitchen has been even funner than inside – and I love spending time in my kitchen ;p

Outside of my kitchen I have been hiking and have seen spectacular views:




complete with snails


We got lost… but getting off of the path was worth it =)


Outside my kitchen has meant visits to food trucks:


Falafel rice bowl on saffron rice with nacho cheeze – talk about fusion!


Gluten-free brownie sundae!!!!

Outside my kitchen I have cooked vegan meals for hospital patients and families with my friends:


And whether I’m inside or outside of my kitchen, there is always time for puppy dogs:


What’s in & out of your kitchen?

10 thoughts on “In (and out!) my Kitchen – April

  1. Really cool idea for a post Kimmy! This would be a fun idea for a monthly round up. I’ll try to do one this week too!

    In and out of your kitchen it looks like you had a wonderful month. And I love seeing pictures of Sunny, she’s so sweet!

    1. That is a good idea for a monthly round up =) I’d love to see you do a post like this. I’m always interested about what people have going on in the kitchen (obviously haha), but also outside too!

  2. What beautiful hikes!
    I love the idea of a nacho pot luck, I must do this thing sometime. That dip from Oh She Glows is seriously amazing, I could just drink a whole recipe of it. Not even joking.
    In my kitchen at the moment is a lot of food from a certain package swap. 😉

    1. The nacho pot luck was by far the best turn out of any potluck I have ever had. Haha the dip is amazeballs!
      Heehee! Yes! I am excited to talk about some fun goodies of my own.

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