How to Survive Disney

Ok – for starters – just have fun! It’s the happiest place on earth after all. I was a little nervous about heading to Walt Disney World, especially since they aren’t exactly known for their vegan-friendliness, but I managed ok. And I can give you some tips that will help you next time you find yourself in the Magic Kingdom.

But first – picture roll!

Spending time with my family was so great! I hadn’t seen them since the summer and I missed them terribly. It’s quite difficult living so far from them. Mom wanted me to come home for Christmas, but it’s much too cold. She had the genius idea for her, my sister, my niece & I to meet at Disney in Florida. It was a week of fun! And eating wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

As I mentioned last week, I packed a ton of snacks. They don’t seem to mind you bringing any sort of snack into the park. And after getting off the plane, my first stop was Whole Foods so I could pick up a bunch of fresh produce to make some meals. Among the things I picked up were a can of black beans, some cucumber, tomato and lime and made a few salads out of these simple ingredients. Delicious & packed with protein, it helped keep me full and energized for the afternoon!

After reading Peta’s tips, I was happy to discover that the popcorn was vegan – not super healthy, but a fun treat!

I did try having a veg burger at one of the places in the park – but I felt completely awful after :/ I’m not sure what was in it, I was assured it was vegan a few times, but won’t mention it here on the off chance it had something in it…

So I was sure to make my own supper other nights. We bbq’d one night. And we had a mish mash of leftovers on the last night to clean out the fridge.

BBQ Portobella Burger with bbq sweet potatoes & tomato, cucumber salad

Leftover mushroom burger, roasted broccoli & sweet potato & nachos

I even had enough food leftover to pack myself lunch for the plane ride back.

 Roasted broccoli & sweet potato with black beans and greens. 

These meals were very easy to throw together and were delicious! I also had a ton of fresh fruit and was able to make my beloved smoothie most mornings as the house we rented had a fully equipped kitchen complete with blender!

Oh! And we made the trek out to My Nature’s Delight Health food store. It wasn’t far from where we were staying and I make a habit of checking out local health food stores while on vacation to see if they have stuff other than my local ones at home. This one did =) They had some fun pineapple & cacao granola, cashews & some delicious chocolate. AND they had a little café that is completely vegan. I ordered a burger, which was also gluten-free =) The staff were super friendly and the food was awesome! My apologies for the crapola picture.

So don’t sweat about food on your next vacay – relax & enjoy. Just be sure to plan ahead =)

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  1. Fun trip! Great photos! I had to stare a bit longer at the sunshine and thoughts of warm weather since it’s been a BEAR of a winter this year…sigh…that Breakers/West Palm Beach Trip in March for us can’t come soon enough!

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