How to survive a visit of non-vegans

What do you do when you’re going to have a house full of non-veg people? After panicking! Take a few deep breaths, find some fun recipes that everyone will love and enjoy each others company.

My family has been up a few days now and I have to admit, I was feeling a bit like a deer in headlights when I realised I would need to feed them. Whenever I go to my mom’s, she always makes sure she has lots of things for me to eat. I even have my own designated cupboard space. So what kind of person would I be if I didn’t return the favour? I had to make some compromises with myself and buy things I did not want to buy… like cheese, milk, cream cheese… ew. But I am strictly enforcing a no-meat rule. I am happy for them to eat meat whenever they’d like while we are out, but not in my kitchen with my utensils.

Another thing that kind of freaked me out, as I’m participating in a Healthy Challenge and it so easy to let my eating habits slide when I’m around my family. I tend to over-indulge. So I took it upon myself to ensure we have a ton of healthy food in the house and make lots of great snacks ahead of time.

I’ve had my dehydrator going non-stop for the past few days:

I made raw carrot, ginger, flax crackers:


If you sub grated carrot for the pulp, it still works =)


ZOMG – try this stuff. It’s seriously addictive:

And kale chips:

My canuck bestie’s recipe:

I urge you to make these. They are hands down the best kale chips I have ever had! Now when I try out a recipe for the first time, I always follow it exactly as laid out, then the next time, I make my own adjustments. I have no tweaks to this recipe, it is perfect and they are insanely delicious!

I also had to hit up the store to buy some groceries for the fam. My sister said my niece eats goldfish, granola bars, fruit snacks etc. I was horrified (to say the least) when I walked into the store and started checking the ingredients on various boxes. There is corn syrup in everything! I guess it’s been so long since I stopped buying pre-packaged food that I forget what is in them. Yikes. I found some relatively healthy alternatives and I hoped they would like them. It’s important to stock food they will like as well as food I will enjoy. This is their food:

Terry’s was a little nervous they may not like them as they aren’t what they are used to… but so far so good!

I also know if I don’t stock my fridge with a ton of produce, I’ll be tempted to stray and eat crappy food:

I have already mentally prepared myself that I will be having a few indulgences as we’ve decided to celebrate each of our birthdays while we are all together (one meal to celebrate everyone). I’m also making sure I get my exercise schedule in, I’m just waking up early (5am!!!) to hit the gym before they get up. That’s dedication ;p

Preparation is key! And a continued focus on health =)

Have a great weekend!

Update: I wrote this before my family came and set it to post while they were here (sneaky!), and thought I would let you know that they like most of the food I bought for them. My niece likes the gold bunnies (instead of gold fish), the fruit rollups and fruit snacks. She isn’t a huge fan of the granola bars (Cliff), but my mom and sister like them =) They also love my grawnola that I made in the dehydrator, my mom likes the crackers and my sister likes the kale chips. Makes me happy! I am eating a little more junk than I’d like, but I’ve kept up with my exercise routine and still making better choices than I normally do. And we’re having a blast together =D

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