How to survive a visit of non-vegans Part II

I recently had my family up for a visit, which I posted about here. And I’m realising I never did give you guys an update on how it went food-wise. It’s hard having people stay with you that don’t have the same views as you do on food and eating. I mean, in our society, most of our interaction revolves around food, I find myself surrounding myself with people who have similar views. I choose these people as my friends, but you can’t pick your family ;p

I let them know that I have a strict no meat policy, which they were completely fine with. They ate meat when we ate out and that arrangement worked out well. As mentioned in the last post, I made sure to have lots of healthy and fun snacks for them when they arrived. And though I wasn’t crazy about it, I did buy some cheese and milk for them to have. I had mixed feelings about this as for the entire 9 months I have lived in my apartment, it has been completely vegan. My husband and I even got new pots for Christmas and they are vegan pots =) I had kept one of our old pot just in case and let my family use it. I can’t help but think of how much my mother goes out of her way to make sure she has a completely stocked pantry and fridge armed with my favourite things every single time I visit, even though she would not normally eat those things. It’s nice to return the favour.

We did some fun things while they were up like check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

And we made some fun food:

Pineapple Rice

Vegan and gluten-free oatmeal, chocolate-mint cookies that me and my three-year old niece made together. It is way more fun making cookies with a three-year old!!!!

The nice thing is that my family really enjoyed most of the food I made them. They didn’t like everything, but they gave it a try which I’m happy with. We made separate meals sometimes, but they enjoyed a lot of my food and we went to a lot of veg restaurants.

I’d have to say the highlight of the trip (food-wise of course) is when we were ordering pizza one night and we were going to order a gluten-free crust for me and a deep-dish crust for them. There is a local pizza place that has absolutely amazing deep dish crust, but they don’t make it gluten free. So I figured I’d just cheat and have some – why not, it’s nice to indulge with your family around. But my mom reminded me at how hard I’d been working at staying gluten-free and how I’d been pretty good at sticking to my Healthy Challenge. It is a great feeling to have someone help keep you on track. And my gluten-free pizza tasted that much better that night ;p Especially after a long day enjoying the sunshine and sand.

What are your tips and tricks when you have people you love around you that aren’t vegan?

4 thoughts on “How to survive a visit of non-vegans Part II

    1. Aw thanks Sarina. Yea, my mom and sister loved the pineapple rice which was great.
      In general, I get away with making vegan food and people seem to enjoy it, but my mom & sister are a little picky (not that I blame them, as that used to be me!)

  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am since four months a RAW VEGAN and so far Everything has been working out very smoothly. Luckily my sister made the transition with me so we share this wonderful journey together. Our friends and family have so far been very supportive but we have not ended up in any too complicated situations yet. What we have noticed is to be so easy as we can with our way of living, find a way around and be PREPARED. Most important keep a good mind set and Always choose what feels best for oneself! Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts. Happy to hear we are many in the same boat!

    1. Hi Katrin – thank you for the lovely comment!
      That is so great that your sister is raw with you – it always makes things easier when a loved one is right there with you and committed to change =)

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