Honeynut Squash & Chard Sautée

Don’t you just love trying new things? As a former chronic picky eater, I will now try anything as long as it’s vegan =) And when we first moved here – I started making my way through all of the interesting produce in Northern California that we had never seen or heard of. I think my favourite is still Buddha’s Hand. Now that we’ve been living her for the past couple of years, we’ve tried pretty well everything that we see at the market. But I was pretty stoked to come across a new kind of squash!

Honeynut squash. It’s as cute as it sounds! Aren’t they adorable? They are actually quite similar to butternut squash, but smaller and the flesh inside is lighter. It also tastes sweeter. Like it’s butternut cousin – it is quite versatile. I kept it simple with this first attempt.

Honeynut Squash & Chard Sautée (serves 2-3)

2 mini honeynut squash (I found some about the same size as sweet potatoes)

1 tbsp of olive oil

sea salt & pepper to taste

1 small bunch of chard, washed & torn into bite-size pieces

1 tbsp of coconut oil

Nut Parm

2 tbsp of almonds

2 tbsp of pecans

2 tbsp of nutritional yeast

salt & pepper to taste

Start by preheating your oven to 375. Peel the squash, chop it and remove the seeds. Chop the squash into bite-size pieces and place in a glass casserole dish. Add the olive oil and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Bake for 30 minutes or until it is tender when pierced with a fork. While the squash is cooking, prep your chard. Heat a wok on medium heat on the stove and add your coconut oil. Once it has melted, add your chard and sautée for about 5 minutes or until it has turned more green and wilts up a bit. While the chard is cooking, prepare your nut parm. Roughly chop your nuts and place them in a bowl with the nutritional yeast, salt & pepper. Once the squash is done, combine it with the chard. Place the squash & chard on plates and top with the nut parm. This would work well with butternut squash, sweet potato or even roasted carrots instead of the honeynut squash.

6 thoughts on “Honeynut Squash & Chard Sautée

  1. Hi Kimmy,
    OMG! What a satisfying dish! There are so many wonderful winter squashes and tubers to pick from this season. I can’t wait to try this easy recipe. I love the idea of adding healthy chard to the squash and the nut parm is magical! I use Nutritional Yeast on most of my dishes. Pinning and sharing this!

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