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I remember the first time I flew back home to Canada after moving to California. It made me a little nervous about food options. I never get that feeling anymore!

First of all, my mom has a pretty great kitchen and always takes me to the store to stock up on tons of fresh produce and some kitchen staples. I may have also snuck some spice mixes across the border (tofu scramble mix!!).  And there is a certain amazing restaurant in Sarnia, Ontario that totally rocks my vegan socks. And one in Burlington. Oh and people who go to the effort of making me awesome vegan food. Damn I’m lucky =)

**Full disclosure: I ate out far more than I normally do and this was due to hectic schedules and the exhaustion of travelling… and just plain wanting to try a lot of delicious food I don’t normally have the opportunity to try.

First stop, Cadence in Guelph, ON.

We ate there on a couple of occasions (only took pictures of a couple of items). We tried the Pan Seared Tofu (by far their best dish!!!), the Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta, the Black Beans & Brown Rice, the Tempeh & Mushroom Burger and their Black Out Cake (super stellar!).



We got all of our items to go so we could eat at home with our pup. The service was phenomenal, the staff are incredibly friendly & helpful and the food was always prepared incredibly well and quickly. We love this place!

We of course also hit up my favourite restaurant on the planet – Lettuce Love. I went with Sarina and we split some pancakes and the California Burger. I also tried their hot chocolate. I’m normally disappointed by restaurant hot chocolate, but theirs was amazing.




I was too full to immediately have some dessert, but we stopped by Kelly’s Bake Shoppe to get some yummies to go. They had seasonal flavoured cupcakes. We tried the snowcake, the hot chocolate, the peppermint candy cane & nog flavoured. They were all so good. I still can’t believe someone can make vegan, gluten-free cupcakes that taste this good. They are definitely worth the trek to Burlington, Ontario if you are anywhere nearby.


Speaking of Sarina, she had Terry and I over for a lovely meal. She is so thoughtful and made sure everything was gluten-free and that it was Terry-friendly as he has a few food restrictions. This was probably my favourite meal while at home =)

She made Nacho Tofu Scramble with all the fixins. And the most amazing raw ginger cashew tarts.


SarinaSupper1 (1)


Aren’t those tarts completely adorable???

After our time in the Guelph area, we headed back to Sarnia where we ate several times at Greens Organic Café. This is the one completely vegan restaurant in Sarnia and the food is incredible. The staff are really friendly and nice and the atmosphere is very cozy and café-like. It was obvious to me that care goes into making each individual dish and the food is vibrant and abundant. I always felt comfortably full and satisfied after eating there and thoroughly enjoyed their healthy plant-based cuisine. I can’t get enough of this place!

We tried so many different things! We tried the Caesar Wrap, the Caeasar Salad, Taco Tuesday, Open Faced Portabello Sammich, Tofu Quinoa special, Seitan special and the Christina Street Burger. The first day I went, they had a veggie potpie as the special. It was SO good, that I pre-ordered some for our Christmas dinners.









We were often stuck on the road during mealtime:


Christmas Brunch:


I was pleasantly surprised at Terry’s family Christmas dinner when they made sure to have vegan-friendly potatoes, turnip, rolls, salad & green beans. Score!


I didn’t take many pictures of my meals made at home as they were pretty boring, but this pizza with my homemade cashew cheeze and mushrooms with a balsamic drizzle was really nice.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this holiday food porn!

I’m sharing this with the Plant Based Potluck Party & Healthy Vegan Fridays

22 thoughts on “Holiday Food Fun

  1. Oh wow, that food looks incredible!
    I want to eat all of it, but mostly I want to eat your cheese and mushroom pizza that you made because that sounds delicious.

  2. wow you did eat well – I love those tarts that sarina made (sarina and sarnia is a little confusing – had to make sure they weren’t the same person). And glad you got a good christmas dinner on a cute plate. we are off on holiday soon and I wish I could say we would eat so well but I doubt it

    1. The tarts were incredible! I’ll have to try recreating them, although they will never look as cute as hers 😉
      Haha Sarina & Sarnia is confusing! Sarina = friend, Sarnia = city.
      I hope you manage to find some good eats when you travel Johanna =)

  3. Everything looks sooo good! You certainly had lots of food to choose from while away from home! And how amazing are those cupcakes – I don’t think I’ve ever seen such amazing cupcakes that are vegan & gluten free!

  4. Hi Kimmy,
    I love finding and trying plant-based restaurants when I am traveling! I am so pleased that you shared your healthy and delicious holiday eating with us including those amazing dishes from the Greens Organic Cafe. I wish I was there to munch on some of that Caesar Wrap, Caeasar Salad, Taco Tuesday, Open Faced Portabello Sammich,and Tofu Quinoa special. I’m so glad you shared these photos with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party! Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! I’m Pinning and sharing All the best, Deborah

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