One of my good friends is very involved with Farm Sanctuary in Northern California. She regularly helps with their chicken rescues, even to the point of sleeping overnight in their barn with them. She also adopts some herself and has a very large backyard coop (the size of my apartment!) and cares for them. She has been asking me if I want to help out at a rescue for about a year now, but every weekend they have them I seem to have something else going on. I finally made my way out a few weekends ago and am so glad I did.


The rescues are set up over a few weekends. The weekend I went, we were doing boosters on the chickens. It means they have already been treated for lice and parasites, but are getting another dose. That meant picking up the chickens and gently, but quickly passing them on to a volunteer to dose them with medicine. Chickens do not want to be picked up. Like at all. It was tough, but rewarding. We also helped muck out the barns, strangely enough I preferred it as I didn’t have to chase and pick things up. It was grosser, but easier.

We also got to meet some of the other residents.





It was tough work, but a really rewarding experience.

Have you ever visited or helped out at an animal sanctuary?

24 thoughts on “Hen Rescue

  1. I have visited a few animal sanctuaries, and have found them to be very peaceful experiences.
    As part of my vet schooling, I had to do practical work on animal farms, which was horrible. :(

    1. It is nice to visit them, it helps restore my faith in humanity a bit.
      And working on farms must have been a tough experience, but hopefully it gave you some skills to take with you into your clinic.

  2. That is so amazing of you!! Sounds like incredibly hard work and I so appreciate that there are people like you doing it.

    1. I can only imagine how tough it would be to continually rescue animals and see how horrible people are in their treatment to them. But I’m glad that there are people that can regularly do this type of animal saving.

  3. If I got hired or invited for volunteer work for Goats of Anarchy or Jon Stewart’s Animal Sanctuary I would go CRAZY! Hit me up guys! I would love to be put to work ^__~

    Looks like semi fun…. I mean I always feel bad picking up animals that clearly don’t want to.

  4. Sounds interesting. We had chicken as kids and just pushed them out of the way when they were underfoot. More recently my mum got some and my animal loving niece loved picking them up but she got scratched once so my mum put a stop to it. Am curious about what happens to eggs in the sanctuary – I assume there are a lot less of them without making them into egg machines but even so are there quite a few among so many chooks and what happens to them?

    1. You know, I’m not sure what they do with the eggs. It didn’t even cross my mind. Maybe I’ll find out and do a blog post about it as one of my friend’s regularly volunteers with them. There would definitely be less eggs on the farm, but there would still be a lot I would think.
      Aw your poor niece… hope she was ok and isn’t deterred from loving the chickens.

  5. Hey Kimmy!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello- I’m so sorry I’ve been out of the loop with your blog recently! It’s been a busy year, and I haven’t been blogging as much myself. Anyway, want to catch back up with you and see how you are doing. Love that you volunteered to help with the hens and other animals! I’d love to do that one day. Sending hugs!

  6. I don’t know why I didn’t see this when you originally posted it.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Farm Sanctuary. Orland is on the way to my dad’s house, but I always have the dogs with me, and when I’m not going to my dad’s, I’ve never been motivated to drive that far. Maybe someday.

    It looks like you had a good time! I don’t know how you find time to do all that you do!

  7. I hope your well. Wishing you a Happy New Year and good health. It has been a pleasure to be part of your blog as well as being an avid reader.

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