Hearst Castle & Carrie

Could you imagine living here??

My hubby and I recently made the trek out to Cambria, California to check out Hearst Castle. I’m glad we finally got a chance to do this, as it was on my to-check-out list for awhile now. Totally worth the trip!

They have different tour options to choose from and we chose the Grand Rooms Tour. We would like to go back at some point to see some of the other tours as well.

Can you imagine having this view from your house? Just gorgeous…

And check out this pool! There was an outdoor pool, but I really liked this indoor pool. I would love to have this =)

And what would a fun road trip be without good food???

We met my friend Carrie and her husband Alan for lunch at Robin’s restaurant in Cambria before the four of us checked out the castle. The restaurant is not vegan, but is very accommodating and has a few vegan options. I tried Robin’s Chow and it was so good! It was very heavy on the ginger, which I loved =)

Terry and I split the soy ice cream sundae for dessert.

And after visiting the castle and walking around, we had supper at a local falafel place in Pismo Beach.

Good sights and good food and even better company =)

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