Healthy Vegan Fridays #98

Good morning sunshines!!! Are you happy it’s Friday? You bet your cute butt I am!

Let’s celebrate by sharing awesome sauce recipes with each other. And maybe if you scroll allll the way down after sharing your awesome recipe – you will be rewarded with a super cute picture of my adorable puppy. Maybe.


Let’s check out some recipes from last week first.

Green Smoothie Bowl from Katering for Veggies:


Look at this absolutely gorgeous bowl! Spirulina (iron powerhouse!) gives the bowl the pretty blue-green colour. It’s loaded with fruit & topped with granola and coconut flakes. Maybe if I make this, it will transport me back to Puerto Rico and the juice bar where I dined on smoothie bowls just like this. Mmmmm.

Healthy Pizza Pasta Salad from Veggie Quest:


Ah! Combo of two of my favourite foods! Yes… I like carbs. But this lightened up version of pizza & pasta is a great way to enjoy without the indulgence. Win win! This meal can come together quickly and would make great leftovers to help with meal prep in the week and to avoid making not so great choices when feeling rushed and pressed for time.

Ginger & Soy Spiced Tofu with Vegetables Fried Rice & Garlic Green Veggies from Masala Girl Travels:


Bee-u-ti-ful spread! You get some bang for your buck here as there are several recipes in this single post. This scrumptious meal was made in a Food Science Lab as a project – how fun would that be? Packed with flavour and budget-friendly, I can only imagine this got an A!

This week I’m sharing a taste of Puerto Rico with my Plantain Hummus:


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And now… you’re reward. This is Sunny with her baby. I triple dog (haha) dare you not to smile at this!!


13 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #98

    1. She’s pretty adorable. But she knows it and works it haha.
      Thanks for all of your awesome contributions! I appreciate all of your support with HVF! Hope you’re having a great weekend =)

  1. Thank you for featuring my smoothie bowl! The highlight of this post however, was the picture of adorable Sunny!

    I will definitely try your plantain hummus. It looks delicious and different!

    1. Your smoothie bowl looks so good!! I really love spirulina =)
      Thanks for linking up Kate, I really enjoy seeing your recipes shared here. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Plantain Hummus sounds rather interesting! Never had a plantain before in my life and I am not sure if I can actually eat them. I hear they’re rather low in fructose (I cannot eat large quantities of the stuff)… More research to be done! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi,

    Just a note that the scuffins linked above contain animal products and no vegan alternatives. Thanks for hosting this weekly. I get a lot of ideas!

    1. Hey Ness – thanks so much for bringing that to my attention. I try to moderate each and every entry, though I don’t always get a chance. I’ve removed the Scuffins – I think it was just an oversight. I appreciate it you checking HVF out =)

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