Healthy Vegan Fridays #89

Happy Friday folks! I hope you are gearing up for a wonderful weekend.

Mine will be a little stressed, but hopefully good. Tomorrow is the big day. Vegan Prom! We have spent months planning and organizing. There has been stress eating and sleepless nights. But I have a feeling it will all turn out amazing =)
As of next week – I should finally be able to start catching up on blogging and be the good blogging buddy you know and love.  In the meantime, how else should I spend my first week off:

a) catching up on sleep by napping every. single. day.
b) spend my time devouring books (I only read 1 the entire month of February!)
c) binge on Netflix (Buffy show?)
d) catch up on blogging, housework & life

Maybe all of the above.

On to the good stuff! I want to see some recipes. I’m looking forward to spending more time in the kitchen soon. Let’s check out some of your favourites from last week.

Spicy Quinoa Vegetable Buddha Bowl from Urban Naturale:


Bowls are my favourite meal these days. They can have so much variety to them. And where can you find so many different things in one cute, little bowl? Especially when you have a gorgeous food-safe ceramic bowl like Deborah. Especially when you fill it with vibrant, fresh ingredients packed with protein and infused with flavour? This gorgeous bowl is on my menu this weekend!

Mini Microwave French Toast from Strength & Sunshine:


Rebecca is the queen at taking a complicated & time consuming recipe and making it into a quick & simple one. Love it! With just a few ingredients – this filling & delicious breakfast can be ready in just a few short minutes. Perfect for a busy morning… or just whenever really 😉

Southwest Quinoa from VNutrition:


I am quite drawn to this recipe. I make a very similar salad, but this incorporates more ingredients & flavours. And it’s way prettier. With all of the stress eating and making poor food choices, this is the kind of salad I need to make! As a matter of fact, I’m probably making it as you read this as I have one more prom meeting this afternoon before the big day tomorrow and I promised Robin I would make her lunch as she invited me over to finish last minute things during the meeting. Super excited about lunch!

This week, I’m sharing my Birthday Chocolate CocoBars:


Have a fabulous weekend! Link on up & don’t forget to link back.

13 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #89

  1. Taking a look at the website I think Vegan Prom sounds amazing. I know from experience how much work organising an event like that takes so I hope you’ll get to breathe, relax and – !- catch up on sleep now. Will you share pictures afterwards?

  2. Thanks for sharing my Southwest Quinoa Kimmy!

    I can’t wait to hear all about the prom. I would totally rock that if I was anywhere near California! Have a great time this weekend and have a wonderful rest next week – you deserve it!

  3. Holy yum to that quinoa salad! Glad your stresses are winding down Kimmy. I got sick this last week and could have used a Buffy marathon myself! Good luck with Vegan Prom, and thanks for hosting!

    1. ‘Ya gotta make the quinoa salad – it’s totally delicious =)
      Would you believe that I just started getting caught up on things and then I got sick? Yuck. It’s going around.
      Thanks Lauren.

  4. Wow , a Vegan Prom – hope it goes well. I have not doubt it will, would love to hear more next week about it, so please share. I am intrigued by the microwave french toasts! We’ve just celebrated St David’s Day here in Wales – so I am sharing a Welsh inspired Laverbread ‘Caviar’ recipe, do hope you like – its 100% vegan.

    1. It went incredibly well! Thanks for the kind words Shaheen. I shared a bit recently, but will have a more in depth post once the pictures come back.
      Your caviar recipe sounds divine! Thank you for sharing =)

  5. I think a mix of all of the options for recovery is in order. Except for housework, don’t do that. That doesn’t sound like fun. But definitely watch Buffy. 😀

    1. Haha. I ended up doing housework. It was needed. I didn’t end up watching Buffy as it was taking me an awful lot of time to get caught up. More than I thought. But now I’m sick, and I think Buffy is in order!

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