Healthy Vegan Fridays #84

Good morning, Foodie World. TGIF, right???


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We had some stellar submissions last week! And some new kids on the block join the recipe party. Woot!

Let’s check out some recipes from last week.

Low-Fat PB & J Bites from Healthy Helper:


Well hello snack time. Look who is becoming a game changer! I love a good snack ball and these are unique and fun take on pb & j. I find when I try making date balls, they taste great, but can be too sweet and the texture doesn’t always turn out. These little guys are sweetened naturally and use the power of pb flour for great taste & consistency. Win win!

Chickpea Cabbage Soup with Dill from The Taste Space:


So I will shamelessly admit that the only form I can really handle cabbage is in soup form. And I love the sound of this hearty soup filled with big cabbage leaves and bursting with chickpeas and a little added zing with fresh dill. Nom nom soup…

Balsamic Hummus Stuffed Potatoes from Elsamarie Coradetti:


Potatoes have started to get a bad rap over the years. All those carb haters. But potatoes are great – just check out Elsa’s post about how awesome they are =) She gives nutritional info, tips on what to use them in and my favourite – this recipe to have them as a meal all on their own. Say yes to carbs =)

This week, I’m sharing my Kale Carrot Beet Salad:


I’m super excited to see what you share this week. Keep in mind for the following weeks that Valentine’s Day is coming up ♥

Have a fabulous weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #84

  1. Thanks for hosting Kimmy! Have you ever tried cabbage ‘noodles’? Add a little spaghetti sauce and it’s tough to tell the difference…then again, maybe I’ve been eating veggie noodles for too long, lol. Have a great weekend girl!

    1. I have not yet tried cabbage noodles! I’ve tried all sorts of veggie noodles, but not cabbage yet. Sounds great! I’ll have to give it a try. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Omg I totally forgot it’s Valentine’s Day in 2 weeks! Thanks for the reminder Kimmy – now I just need to leave a subtle reminder for my husband too 😉 loving those balsamic hummus stuffed potatoes too – YES to carbs!

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