Healthy Vegan Fridays #82

Happy Friday! January is in full swing and it’s already another week gone by. I’m excited for this weekend – I’m teaching  a dance class tomorrow morning and the class is always filled to the brim. There’s nothing more awesome than a room full of energized dancers. It totally sets the tone for the weekend =D


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Let’s check out your favs from last week!

Protein Powder Ice Cream from Healthy Helper:


This is a perfect post-workout (or anytime haha) snack! This can be made vegan by easily swapping the casein/whey protein powder with vegan protein powder. I think this would be delicious topped with cacao nibs.

Going Vegan Part 1 from VNutrition:


I really wish I would have had a great beginners guide when I went vegan – this would have really helped me out. Mary Ellen gives great tips for beginners and novices alike. Her husband is going vegan for the month of January for veganuary which inspired her posts.

Apple Pie Green Smoothie from Sandi’s Allergy Free Recipes:


Apple pie in smoothie form?? Yes, please! This will help anyone get out of a smoothie rut. Fun and fruity, it’s a fantastic way to start the day! Sandi also reminds us that the new year doesn’t have to mean strict restrictions, that we can start with smaller, more attainable goals =)

I don’t have a recipe to share this week – but you can gaze your lovely eyes on all of the amazing eats I had when travelling in Canada last month. And maybe if you ask super duper nice, I can get Sarina from Earthgiven Kitchen to share her dessert recipe =D


I’m looking forward to seeing everything you have to share this week. Bring your friends for the Friday Fun! Have a super fantastic weekend =) Catch ‘ya back here Monday.

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16 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #82

  1. I didn’t realise you taught dance classes! That definitely sounds like a fun activity on a Saturday morning – I hope you have a great weekend Kimmy :)

    1. I love dance! I teach a class that is similar to Zumba, but I make all of my own choreography pulling from different genres (country, latin, etc).
      I am thinking of doing a volunteer spotlight of the month so I will have dance in there =) Thanks Mary Ellen!

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