Healthy Vegan Fridays #66

Good morning world! I hope you’re up and ready to tackle this most awesome sauce Friday.


Are you new to HVF? Check out the info here! I’m so excited for all of the entries from last week =D I hope we get even more this week! You all rock my socks =)

Before we get to HVF this week, let’s take a quick MoFo break:


25 Share your favorite cuisine

This is a tough one! I really like a fair amount of different cuisines, my favourites being Indian, Thai, Italian & Mexican. I suppose if I had to pick just one, it would be Mexican =) My friend Di also shares my love of Mexican and recently made this for me (recipe coming up in October!):


This is just a sneak peek, you’ll have to wait for the recipe!

And now, back to HVF! Let’s check out your fav recipes from last week:

Raw Cashew Cream Cheese from Sandi’s Allergy Free Recipes:


Need a dip for crackers? How about veggies? Want to add a little zing to your pasta marinara? Look no further! Here is the cheese for you. I love homemade cashew cheese and Sandi’s is simple and quick to throw together and will add a delicious touch to any dish =)

Corn Chowder Salad from The Taste Space:


Look at this colourful, vibrant fall dish. It’s gorgeous! And one of the ingredients is magic vegan bacon grease. ‘Nuff said.

Chickpea Salad from VNutrition:


Chickpea salads is one of my favourite things to make and I was excited to see someone’s take on it. Mary Ellen puts dulse in hers – I love this touch! It would give it a bit of a sea taste to it. And I love how she rolls it up in collard wraps. Yum!

This week, I’m sharing my Dad’s Kraft Dinner Mac n’ Cheeze:


Alright – this is the Healthy Vegan Friday during the 2015 MoFo. Let’s make it the best yet!

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13 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #66

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Chickpea Salad, Kimmy!
    I think my favorite cuisine right now would be Thai. I’m obsessed with it lately and I love how many of the recipes are veg friendly or could easily be turned vegan. I need to do some more Mexican style cooking . I used to love it when I ate cheese and am just getting back into it since going vegan. I had the best Mexican brunch plate in Brooklyn this past weekend at VSpot if anyone is looking for a good vegan restaurant in NYC. :)

    1. Oooh Thai is a good one. I really do love Thai too. I suppose a lot of Mexican food is cheesy – but very easy to veganize =) Oooh I really want to go and check out all of the awesome sauce vegan food in NYC!!! You lucky duck =)

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