Healthy Vegan Fridays #149 (the finale)

Alright fellow vegan food bloggers – we’d like to thank you for coming out and supporting HVF for as long as you have. You have shared your healthy recipes, your allergy-friendly meals, your quick week night dinners and awesome potluck ideas. And for that, we thank you.


Healthy Vegan Fridays started out with Carrie when she was writing Carrie On Vegan and she co-hosted this awesome sauce recipe link up with Every Day Vegan Girl and Gabby of VeggieNook and  Katherine of Green Thickies. I helped take it over initially with Herbivore Triathlete & Hello Veggy. When they retired, I had my bestie Robin of Vegandollhouse co-host with me. Robin stayed on for awhile, but ultimately switched tracks to focus on her awesome podcast, Dolls & Doughnuts. My lovely, current co-host, Mary Ellen has been co-hosting with me ever since.

I have really enjoyed the past few years seeing all of the wonderful recipes brought to the table, and above all else, meeting so many amazing people that I now consider friends (even if we haven’t met in person haha). I hope we can still continue on this blogging adventure together.

This week is a little different as it’s the last week, so we’d like to feature a few recipes from last week:

Cheese & Parsley Muffins from Green Gourmet Giraffe:

cheese muffins (3)

Is it just me, or are savoury muffins often overlooked and forgot about? Poor things. These sound like a perfect muffin to make for a more filling, substantial breakfast or brunch. They also seem like they would be great on-the-go snacks.

Green Chili with Welsh Leeks and Edamame Beans from Allotment 2 Kitchen:


How pretty is this bowl? And filled with such wonderful flavours and textures. And I appreciate the edamame beans which seem to get passed back to the back of my freezer and could use some love.

Unicorn Frappucino from Vegan Dollhouse:


Isn’t this the prettiest drink ever??? I totally stuck my nose up when I heard about the Starbucks drink, but I love how Robin ran with it and made a vegan version of it.

We’d also like to thank a few others, who have been participating in Healthy Vegan Fridays for a very long time:

How to Start a Plant Based Diet from Urban Naturale:


I wish I had this when I first went vegan. Those first few weeks were rough! These are great tips for vegan beginners, but it has great tips for seasoned pros too!

Banana, Carrot and Sultana Mini Muffins from Bite-Sized Thoughts:


I actually don’t like my muffins super sweet, so these sound perfect for me as they would get a bit of sweetness from the banana and raisins without being overpowering. I like how veggies are snuck in too. And eating mini things is just so cute!

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Maple Vinaigrette from Courtney’s Cookbook:


This is the perfect spring salad. Bursting with fruit and seasoned with a light dressing, it’s just perfect for this time of year. This is also a great salad to make to help you use up some of those leftovers in the fridge.

Lastly, Mary Ellen and I will share our recipes with you on last time.

Mary Ellen is sharing her Chipotle Queso:


Ermgod. I think I’m drooling over here. I LOVE making my own cheese. I love it even more when it’s to dip chips into =D This would be great with a big burrito bowl too! Or even on top of some roasted veggies. So versatile.

I’m sharing my Crispy Breaded Mushrooms:


I am trying to find fun ways to get put my airfryer to good use. And well, I like all things mushrooms. These are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and filled with herby deliciousness.

Thanks again for everything! I appreciate all of your shares and support over the years. I feel like this has become a little family and I’ve loved growing with you. Hope to see you all around still. 💗

14 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #149 (the finale)

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my mini muffins of last week – and again to you and Mary Ellen for hosting for so long. I’m sorry it is the last week but will continue to enjoy your posts! I’m submitting a blueberry oat breakfast bowl for the finale :)

  2. Oh my goodness I didn’t realize it was the last week! What made you guys decide to stop? I know it takes a lot to put these things together, and thanks so much for doing it for so long. Hope to still connect lovely and wishing you the best in the future!

    1. Ah I started a full time job and my time commitments have seriously shifted. I am SO behind on blogging I can’t imagine ever catching up. So I have to figure out some ways to make things work, sadly one of those things is letting some things go that I enjoy doing (but kind of stress me out when I don’t have time for them). Mary Ellen is also stretched pretty thin with full time work and going to school (seriously have no clue how she does it). We will definitely still connect!

  3. Thank you so so much for featuring myGreen Chile. I also want to say a BIG Thank You to you and Mary Ellen for hosting Healthy Vegan Fridays and for always coming by and commenting. I will really miss HVF, however I feel I have found some new blogging friends. x x

  4. Like I said in a recent comment, I will try and smile because it happened, not cry because it is over :-) Can’t believe it is the last but I I am grateful for all the fun it has been. And of course I look forward to continuing to follow your blog. V pleased to be part of the last round up. And I can’t help thinking I might love your breaded mushrooms with Mary Ellen’s queso sauce

    1. Very good way of looking at it – I’ll try and do the same 😉 Again, I appreciate all of your sharing over the years – I’m glad our paths have crossed.
      Oh my goodness – that is a dynamite idea!

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