Healthy Vegan Fridays #138

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! Woot woot! My eyes are healing up nicely and I have some fun weekend plans, like a 3mile race tomorrow (wish me luck – I’m out of practice since my eye surgery) and book club at one of my fav restaurants. now I’m sick with a cold so will be staying in for the weekend :( What are you up to?


Today we’re sharing our favourite v-day themed creations.


Never heard of Healthy Vegan Fridays before? It’s an amazing weekly linkup for bloggers to share their delicious and healthy vegan food. This linkup is not restricted to recipes though – feel free to share your posts on exercise & fitness, plant-based health & wellness,  and/or vegan travel, restaurant and cookbook reviews.

Don’t have a blog? Don’t worry! You can come and see what others have shared and find some tasty food to try!

Let’s check out some of our favs from last week.

Beetroot Crème Brûlée from Allotment 2 Kitchen:


How gorgeous is this? I have never attempted to make a vegan version of this.  It would be the type of dessert I would make for company bringing in that wow-factor. Studded with ruby red pomegranate seeds, this dessert is sure to impress your tastebuds!

Tofu Biryani from Being Tazim:


Well, Valentine’s Day can’t be completely filled with treats! I know a like a good, substantial dinner before indulging in the sweets. A simple dish of tofu, belle peppers and rice is taken to the next level with ginger, garlic paste. Sounds super flavourful and delicious!

Strawberries & Cream Overnight Oats from Mary Ellen!


And here is my Valentine’s Day breakfast! I loooove overnight oats. I totally always make a chocolate almond butter one, but this looks like a good way to shake things up. Strawberries and cream like breakfast heaven.

And my Chocolate Heart Lava Cakes:


I’ll admit that these were slightly spongy, I think in part from being gluten-free, but I was happy with how they turned out. Chocolatey goodness and a great dessert.

This week, Mary Ellen is sharing her Mediterranean Bowl with Falafels & Hummus Dressing:


How awesome does this bowl look? I LOVE falafels, but tend to eat them while out and they aren’t super healthy with the deep frying and such. I like the idea of making my own at home. I think I’ll make a big batch and eat them over the course of the week for lunches with some grains & greens. Oooh maybe I’ll try airfrying them!

I’m sharing my Chocolate Caramel Balls:


I plan on making these goodies for my galpals for Valentine’s Day =)

We’d love it if you link up and bring some friends to the party! We’ll be pinning and sharing your tasty treats on social media! 

HVF photo 2

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Let’s get sharing! I can’t wait to see what you bring this week! 

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18 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #138

  1. Oh Kimmy, so sorry that you are feeling poorly now, I do hope you feel better. Sending you a warm hug. I am personally so glad its the w/e, its been a hectic week and I just want to chill this evening, have a lie in in the morning and then maybe go for a drive somewhere for some fresh air.

    Thank you so so much for featuring my Beetroot Creme Brulee, I am really so chuffed. Take care.

  2. Hi Kimmy,
    Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m loving all of the vegan sweets and treats! Today I shared “Show Your Sweetie Some Love with a Sweet and Healthy Green Smoothie”.

  3. Sorry to hear you are unwell – hope you get out running soon even if not in your race – and hope your eyes are seeing better. Not much valentine days cooking – more plans than energy but may get something done! Meanwhile I have a peachy curry which could be a little valentine if you serve it and sing “you walked out of a dream, peaches and cream, lips like strawberry wine…” :-)

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