Healthy Vegan Friday #58

Good morning world! I am still trying to catch up from my recent travels, I can’t believe how far behind I am on my blog reading. At least my blog is still up and running. And of course, Healthy Vegan Friday doesn’t take breaks =)


Are you an HVF virgin? Check out all you need to know right here.

Let’s check out your favourites from last week.

Garden Veggie Burgers from Strength & Sunshine:


Free of gluten and soy and packed full of protein, this burgers make a perfect meal. I think the addition of fresh dill would really accentuate the flavour. And such a clever use of carrot greens (which I tend to just toss – I’ll rethink that!).

Raw Zucchini Bacon & No Sweetener BBQ Sauce from Healthy Helper Blog:


YES to veggie bacon! I have made coconut bacon before, but have been very curious about making veggie bacon. I do not like eggplant – so this sounds perfect. And the unsweetened bbq sauce makes a perfect accompaniment.

Creamy Fresh Herb Spread from VNutrition:

Creamy-herb-spread1-500x500I am totally digging the fresh herbs in this! I have never thought to combine dill & basil and the though of both in a creamy spread makes me want have some on a sandwich right now! What a perfect summer food. This would be so great with crackers or fresh, raw veggies. This will definitely make an appearance at my next potluck.

This week, my recipe also features some awesome fresh herbs in my Cheezy Basil Cilantro Sauce:


Please share your recipes! I’m excited to see what is on your plate this week =) Tell your friends to link up too – I want to see HVF grow and grow!

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21 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Friday #58

  1. Hi Kimmy,
    What a fun and fabulous Vegan Party! So many great recipes to enjoy and explore! Today I shared “11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit’.Thanks for hosting!

    1. OMG chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! YUM! the salad sounds great too! Can’t wait to check them both out – thanks so much for sharing them =)
      Have a fabulous weekend Sandi!

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