Healthy Vegan Friday #49

Good morning my veggie-lovin’ people! Does anyone have any exciting plans this weekend? Like checking out Vegan Vida Con??? If you are in Austin, TX this weekend – send me an email and maybe we can meet up.

In other exciting news – it’s Friday and time to share those delicious recipes.


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I’m loving what you shared last week! Let’s check out what you loved.

Lemon & Thyme Roasted Romansco from Steph in Thyme:

Whole Roasted Romanesco - vegan and gluten free


Could veggies look more gorgeous than this roasted romanesco? Points for an alliteration too! I love roasted veggies and this simple, yet flavour-infused romanesco sounds like the perfect way to accompany any meal (or could be a meal on its own!). I look forward to her promises of fiddlehead recipes =)

Dried Plum Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate Ganache Filling from the Lazy Vegan Baker:


Holy kale does these ever look good! Is it just me, or are figs highly underrated. I’m guilty of always using dates – it’s time to switch things up. What a creative way of using the dried fruit to make a healthier sweet treat.

And speaking of kale – Kale Cheesecake Surprise Chocolate Mint Cupcakes from Green Gourmet Giraffe:

krafty kale cupcakes

Wow! I have heard of sneaking veggies into baked goods before, but this takes the cake (haha ;p). And look how pretty these little beauties are! I am definitely wanting to try combining two of my most loved things.


And honourable mention goes to this Crockpot Curried Potatoes from Nachos for Breakfast. I actually made this over the long weekend and it was *insanely* delicious. I haven’t used a crockpot in ages and it totally reminded me how it intensifies the flavours and makes everything even more delicious!

This week, I’m sharing my Miso-ish Soup.


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22 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Friday #49

  1. ooooh I’ll be at vida vegan con! I am speaking on a vegan athletes panel and and giving a talk on body image, self esteem, blogging and eating disorder recovery. I hope we get to meet!!!

  2. Miso-ish soup sounds perfect for the weather we are having here! And Vegan Vida Con sounds amazing, I wish there were vegan events like that around here…

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