Healthy Vegan Friday #48

Good morning world! I hope you have had a fantastic week and are excitedly looking forward to a looooonnnng weekend =) Bring on the bbqs!

Let’s see your awesome sauce spring and potluck recipes (or any recipe!). New to HVF? Check out the info here.


Last week you guys shared some amazing recipes! Let’s check out your favs =)

Spicy Spiralized Sweet Potato Fries from Strength & Sunshine:


I have never thought to spiralize sweet potatoes. YUM! This recipe is insanely easy, yet packed with so much flavour, it’ll be making an appearance on my supper plate a lot. Love the smoked paprika to spice up this sweet dish =) Bonus points for the alliteration!

Peanut Butter Oat & Raisin Cookies from Bite-Sized Thoughts:


These little gems look chewy and delicious! I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I’m loving this healthy cookie recipe. Especially because it’s naturally gluten-free =) Sweetened with raisins and some applesauce and a pinch of cinnamon, these would make any potluck a hit. Or maybe they won’t make it past your kitchen haha 😉

And you guys liked my recipe again =D Totally made my day! Pineapple Orange Smoothie:



This week I’m sharing my leftovers sammich, quick meal and helps clean out the fridge:


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Have a safe & happy long weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday morning!

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16 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Friday #48

  1. Hi Kimmy,
    I love your leftover sammich! Just looking at it makes me hungry! Today I shared an old favorite of mine, Curry Mushroom Lentil Soup. I eat it constantly! Thanks for hosting! All the best, Deb

    1. Thanks Deborah! We’re definitely sandwich eaters around here ;p
      Your soup sounds so delicious! It combines so many of my favourite things (anything with mushrooms!). Thanks for sharing Deb =)

  2. Hi Kimmy! Your leftovers sandwich looks awesome…those mushrooms <3 I've just shared a sandwichy type recipe too, bread is good 😀 have a great week!

  3. I have put my kale cupcakes into this week as I missed last week’s – thanks for suggesting I put them in – I have also submitted an entry for a salad I made this week – HVF is like that – one week there is nothing and then next there are a few – hope that is ok to put multiple entries!

    Oh and I love the look of your featured recipes including yours – have wanted to try all of them during the past week!

    1. Yay!! I was hoping you would share them =) You can enter as many entries as you’d like! There used to be a max, but I don’t have one anymore.
      Thanks Johanna. Have a great weekend!

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