Healthy Vegan Friday #37

Happy, happy Friday! I’ve had a looooonnng week and have been itching for the weekend to start. Let’s kick it off the right way by sharing some awesome awesome vegan recipes =)

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First off, I would like to tell you how completely THRILLED I am by the number of entries we had last week. I want you to keep sharing and tell your friends so they can share too!

Let’s check out your fav recipes from last week.

Raw Cashew Coconut Bites from Sandi’s Allergy Friendly Recipes:

I love the sound of this dessert! I plan on making it soon… Terry seems to make I make far too many chocolate desserts. Yea, like that’s a problem. BUT I am totally intrigued by this rawesome coconut & cashew creation.

Speaking of chocolate… Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter from Strength & Sunshine:

I have never tried making hemp seed better, let alone chocolate hemp seed butter. This sounds sooooo good. And it comes together in about 5 minutes. Sounds like the perfect thing to have around to have on toast or thrown into smoothies… or just eat plain with a spoon haha.

And you are totally into the desserts this week! Check out these Coconut Mocha Cookie Dough Balls from Ex Sloth:

I am totally digging the sound of these no-bake coconut mocha morsels. I am totally in love with cute, little portable snacks like these. What a perfect snack to have after a good work out or while on the run during the day and have no time to make a snack.

This week, I’m also sharing a dessert haha. I made Carrot Cupcakes for my dad’s would have been 64th birthday. I miss him so very much, so I thought I would celebrate for him and make him cupcakes =)

Now, share your awesome-sauce recipes! And don’t forget to share the love by linking back on the blogpost to your recipe =)

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Friday #37

    1. Oooh kale, quinoa & black beans is one of my all time favourite combo. I have never tried black beans with tahini before, it sounds awesome! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful contributions and support of HVF. I hope you have a great weekend Deborah!

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