Healthy Vegan Friday #3

“I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday i don’t care about you
It’s Friday I’m in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn’t even start
It’s Friday I’m in love”

Does anyone else get this song stuck in their heads Fridays? Or is it just me and my love of The Cure? At any rate, Happy Friday!! Healthy Vegan Fridays are just another awesome reason for me to look forward to Friday every week!

New to HVF? Check this page out for the deets.

Don’t forget to link back to this page, or on the HVF linky on one of my lovely co-hosts pages: Suzanne @ Hello, Veggy or Anna @ Herbivore Triathlete

Last week we had some amazing entries! Check out the reader top 3 views:

Do you really need a high powered blender? by Practical Stewardship

Quinoa Black Bean Burgers by Forks to Feet

Hawaiian Pumpkin Pie by This is Thirty

And here are a few that really caught my eye…

Most unique breakfast idea: Cocoa Banana Cinnamon Quinoa Flakes by Strength And Sunshine

Favourite supper idea: Curry and Sriracha Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts with Chickpeas from Egginon:

Funnest portable snack: Blueberry Vanilla Energy Balls by Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

This week, I will be submitting my Strawberry Kiwi Buckwheat Breaky

Have a glorious weekend!

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