Healthy Vegan Friday #21

Happy Friday Folks!

This is a bittersweet day as Anna and Suzanne have decided that this will be their last Healthy Vegan Friday. I was too sad to see the linky party go, so I am going to continue on our fun tradition solo. So come on down to this old blog every Friday to link up starting next week.
Side note: This may be an epic fail as I have never tried to do anything like this in the past and I am not super technologically inclined. Hopefully it works out and I appreciate your patience during my inevitable growing pains ;p

Let’s recap last week:

Chocolate Banana Spread from Egginon:

I will definitely be trying this on my breakfast toast! Yum.

Veggie Sausages from Delicioso:

I am loving the idea of vegan sausages that aren’t loaded with soy! Awesome alternative =)

Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream from Sandi’s Allergy Free Recipes: 

Whew – it has been so hot here! I can’t wait to have this on a nice, sunny & hot afternoon to cool off.

And some of my favs:

Pinto Bean Hominy Chili from Girl In Half:

Mmmm I am such a sucker for a good bowl of chili!

Carrot Cake Granola from Strength & Sunshine:


Every time I make granola, I make the same exact recipe. This sounds like a great way to shake things up!

And Chocolate Chickpea Flour Cupcakes from The Taste Space:


Oh… you had me at gluten-free cupcake. YES.

And my submission, my last submission is my Tofu Skin Noodle Bowl:

Link up my lovelies! And have a super fantastic weekend =)

16 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Friday #21

  1. Hi Kimmy,

    I am so happy to participate in Healthy Vegan Friday. Today I shared “Zesty Cabbage Kimchi Collard Green Wraps”. Thanks for hosting. All the best, Deborah

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