Healthy Vegan Friday #19

An extra happy day to all of you! Not only is it Friday, not only is it Healthy Vegan Friday, but it’s a long weekend here in the good old U S of A. Sweet! And the weather in my neck of the woods looks to be glorious. Though I am grill-less, I hope many of you get your bbq on this weekend.

Speaking of food – Suzanne, Anna & I are all excited to see what you have in store for us this weekend. New to HVF? Check out the 411 here.

Before we recap your fav recipes from last week, I am thrilled to share another Healthy Vegan Profile with you.

Healthy Vegan Profiles

1. Your name, blog name and URL, and one little-known fact about you.


Alessandra Seiter, and I blog at Farmers Market Vegan! As a child, I despised all fruit except for apples.

2. What is your favourite vegan recipe?

Currently, it’s this chickpea salad sandwich from Olives for Dinner on Ezekiel bread with lettuce and tomato, accompanied by a side of roasted brussels sprouts.

3. What is your favourite vegan ingredient or vegan cooking substitution?

Right now, I’m a huge fan of liquid smoke, smoked paprika, and dried chiles. They add an enormous amount of unique flavor to any dish. My favorite substitution is maple syrup for honey or refined sweeteners. But honestly, I would also swap maple syrup for just about any ingredient…

4. Who inspires you most, and why?

Right now, I draw huge inspiration from my college professors. I’m a Geography major, and the department’s faculty constantly challenges me to grapple with the realities of a rapidly globalizing world, as well as to contemplate modes of creating a more socially just society.

5. Name three things you never leave home without.

My burgundy glass Lifefactory water bottle, my brown Matt & Nat wallet, and the appropriate amount of clothing to keep me at a good temperature!

We love learning more about you guys =D
Now on to your favourite recipes from last week.
1) Baked Quinoa Pizza Pie from Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too
Baked pizza pie with awesomely healthful ingredients and a yummy cheese sauce to top it off? Yes, please! YUM
2) Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge by Vegan 101 Girl
Oh chocolate and peanut butter… is there any better combo? Mmmmm.
3) No Bake Strawberry Cream Pie from Practical Stewardship:
As someone who is a gluten-free vegan, I am partial to raw desserts as I find them much easier to make. And this looks like the perfect way to celebrate a long weekend =)
My submission for the week is my Chickpea Salad Sandwich:
So link on up my friends! Don’t forget to link up. Thank you for sharing your awesome recipes =) Have a great weekend!!!

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Friday #19

  1. Hi Kimmy,
    I am so happy to share my vegan recipes again at Healthy Vegan Fridays. Today I shared, “Oven-Baked Summer Squash Fries” and “Spicy, Raw Tomato, Red Pepper and Avocado Soup”. All the best, Deborah

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