Healthy Vegan Friday #12 Mofo Edition

Hello my lovelies! Happy Friday to you =) I’m not only excited that it’s Friday and Healthy Vegan Friday, but it’s Vegan Mofo to boot! Who else signed up for Vegan Mofo? I’m hoping to continue getting awesome recipes from our regular contributors and a pile of new contributors. Robin and I would love to see more submissions, to have more vegan recipes to share with more people.

I’ve been such a busy bee trying to think of good recipes to share, preparing & cooking and testing – I haven’t had time to do much else. So I’m looking forward to seeing what you share with us this week so I can just follow a recipe & cook without putting so much thought into it – make you do the work by submitting your recipes =) And I’ll work hard at playing catch up to pin your awesome recipes.

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We had some great submissions last week! You guys liked a lot, but here are the top three:

Raw Maple Mochao Crunch Protein Fudge from Happy Healthy Holy Home:

I can’t say anything better about this recipe than Chantelle says herself: “It requires no baking. It is chewy and gooey straight from the freezer. It tastes decadent, but has little sugar added, and all natural ingredients.” Simple ingredients, simple preparation and a healthy, yet tasty treat!

Scampi Pasta with Asparagus and Walnuts from Zsu’s Vegan Pantry:

Mmmm I love this lightened up version of pasta. I’m always making mine heavy with a ton of marinara sauce. This fresh & light version will be on my dinner plate sometime soon =)

And Four-ingredient Chocolate Pudding from Earthgiven Kitchen:

I can see what you guys like – quick & easy desserts. Me too! This is so quick & easy and a healthful, fun treat. Perfect to serve as dessert or a fun mid-afternoon snack (so you don’t have to share).

This week I’m sharing my Salted Caramel Cheezecake Bites:

Link up your recipes and don’t forget to link back =)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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