Hawaii Honeymoon Part 2 (Sunny’s POV)

As I mentioned last week, my hubby and I finally got to go on our honeymoon after 8 years of wonderful marriage =) Although the vacation wasn’t exactly as awesome as I had expected it would be, it was still really nice & we had a great time in a new, beautiful place. We had to leave our poor pup behind though with some good friends who took some pictures of her adventures & even sent us this postcard from her haha! I came home to a very well taken care of pup and they even bathed and cut her hair for me (and did a good job!). They sent me picture updates daily and it definitely put my mind at ease. So here is the week of vacation from Sunny’s point of view.

Dear Mom & Dad,

I don’t know where you went, but please come back. The hippies you left me with are weird. I should have known on the drive over the hill. They had piles next to me, in the car. After a sharp turn, a load of laundry fell on me. They helped me out of the embarrassing mess, but not without laughing. 

The next day, they took me on a hike, but instead of going home, set up a huge carrier to sleep in! I Didn’t know how to get in, so I threw myself against the thing, with no luck. Once again they laughed at me… Otherwise, the hike was fun. I made myself useful by taking on as many hitchhiking ticks as I could. The hippies found them all and sadly they all went to tick heaven.

The hippies kept talking about lime disease, but who knows why, there is a lemon tree in the backyard, not lime! haha who’s laughing now?!

They also decide to humiliate me with a bath and a haircut. I have never looked so lopsided. She should really stick to rubbing colour on wood with sticks!
Anyway, I beg you to return and you know I don’t beg much… except for food, praise, attention, belly rubs… ok, never mind. I will promise to try and stick to only #1 accidents at home though! (no promises)

Love and miss you! 


6 thoughts on “Hawaii Honeymoon Part 2 (Sunny’s POV)

  1. Sunny sure has some attitude! I guess that’s what happens when everyone laughs at you… May want to keep an eye on her, that she doesn’t suddenly display telekinetic powers…

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