Hawaii Honeymoon Part 1

My husband and I were married almost 8 years ago on June 6, 2006 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We had a very small celebration as our budget was extremely limited, but we loved it and managed to throw together a beautiful ceremony.

At the time, with me working full time and him in full time school, we didn’t have the time or money for a honeymoon. But Terry promised he would take me to my dream honeymoon destination of Hawaii one day. Well, that day finally came around!

I would love to tell you it was beautiful and magical and everything my hopes had lived to… but I would be telling you a big, fat lie. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and it is absolutely gorgeous there! But our trip had several snags and it was super disappointing.  The next paragraph is a bit of a vent/rant, feel free to skip it ;p

It started with missing our flight the day we were supposed to leave. Yep – that’s right. We missed our flight. Can you believe it?! Everything was working against us that day. We decided to take the free shuttle near our house to save on parking and be environmentally friendly and we we running a tad late, but would have reached the stop right on time. The shuttle left early. And the driver looked at me as I frantically waved my arms at him, hoping he would stop to pick us up. No such luck. And we figured by the time we called a cab, the next shuttle would arrive by then (which left late!). Then we got off at the wrong terminal… ugh. We had the foresight to pre-check in and went to the computers to quickly print our boarding passes and check in our luggage. At this point it was about 40 minutes before our flight. The computer wouldn’t let us print our passes, we had to stand in line for the ticketing agent. It wasn’t a huge line, but long enough to make me sweat about missing our flight. I politely asked people ahead of us if they would let us ahead as we were trying to catch our flight. Not only did they not let us ahead, they lied to us and told us not to worry as everyone in line was going to Hawaii. Not true, he and his 3 companions and everyone in front were going to Mexico on a flight an hour later and had plenty of time to check in. Ugh ugh ugh. So by the time we got to an agent, it was too late. It was 30 minutes before the plane was going to leave and they told us they couldn’t board us. I was near tears, but calmly asked what they could do and they were very polite & helpful and managed to get us on a flight the following day at the same time.

My faith in humanity was restored the following day when everything worked out perfectly! We got to the airport early. Super early! And since we had rebooked last minute, we weren’t sitting together which is a bummer. The chatty man sitting near me talked the man sitting next to me into switching seats with my husband so we could sit together =) Then proceeded to tell us the best things to check out on the island of Oahu. He actually mentioned a few things I had not come across in my research and the thing he was most adamant about, was our favourite thing. I’ll talk about that in another post as this post is only for pictures taken from my camera phone. I’ll have another post with pictures from my actual camera.

Unfortunately Terry wasn’t feeling well almost the entire trip… and it rained. A lot. *sigh*

Guess what our first stop was in Hawaii???

We rented a house with a decked out kitchen, so I wanted to be able to make some of my own food. The food in Hawaii is crazy expensive though. Yikes!

The view from our house:

We were a walk to the beach:

One of the things we did was a movie tour to see some scenes from some of our fav shows & movies (50 First Dates, Lost, Jurassic Park etc):

Godzilla paw!

We checked out some Botanical Gardens:

And a waterfall:

 We had some good eats (most of the food pics were taken with the camera, I only snapped a couple with my phone):

And I got to hike Diamond Head:

Ok, so despite the rocky start and some other not so great things, we still had a nice trip together =)

Stay tuned for another post with more pics!

15 thoughts on “Hawaii Honeymoon Part 1

  1. Well, the photos are LOVELY! I would have been LOVING the eye candy but also the Movie Tour! That would be AWESOME! We honeymooned in Vegas because of the wonderful prices and variety of things to do (and we don’t even gamble) and we’ve been back 3 time since!

  2. You need to give me any tips and suggestions you have. We were thinking of going to Hawaii for our vacation and renting a house to live the life, with lots of fresh cooking, hiking and all that good stuff. Some of the best dried pineapple EVER is sold by this one man in Hawaii, I would have told you if I knew so you could try to find some to pick up – it changed my life! I buy it and get it shipped to NYC… so good! Anyways, I love all these pictures, you guys look great there!

    1. Oh you guys should totally go! We went to the island of Oahu where Honolulu is. It was beautiful. I found a place to stay right near Diamond Head, which was a beautiful hike! I missed out on the dried pineapple :/ I’ll have to go back ;p
      I recommend checking out airbnb.com for a place to stay – you could easily find a house to rent for a reasonable price. Make sure you check out North Shore area, it’s beautiful. My favourite part of the whole trip (aside from hiking Diamond Head) was Hanauma Bay – it was the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen =D
      You guys will love it!

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