I mentioned last week that I was starting a Happiness Challenge to focus my energy on positive things and keep smiling when life throws those curveballs.

I will admit that it didn’t instantly switch my mood and I am now just sublimely happy all of the time. BUT, it really has me thinking every day of the things that truly make me happy, which overall, definitely makes me a happier person. It’s made me realise just how lucky I am with all of the wonderful things in my life. Things aren’t perfect – far from it actually. But instead of thinking more on the negative side, I find myself trying to pick each and every day just one thing that makes me happy and finding it a challenge are there are normally too many to pick from. Definitely not a bad thing =)

Here are some things that have been keeping me happy:

It’s been a fun two weeks! Looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

Have you started the challenge yet?

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