Happy Update (weeks 4 & 5)


I forgot to recap for you guys last week! So you get two weeks today =) Not sure what I’m talking about ? Check out my Happiness Challenge post.

Care Packages from mom =)

Carless Days

This funky multi-coloured house in my ‘hood

Art Class (… I’m not VanGough, but I am enjoying myself)


The Ocean

Quiet evenings with the fam

Pizza Night

Fun outings with this guy

Petsitting this adorapup


Flowers from the hubby

My cute, new, pink food processor

And picture of the week:

Curling up with a good book (and getting photobombed by the furry beast haha) She was totally not in the picture when I started taking it. Too funny!

Hope you guys are managing to keep your spirits up. It’s hard not to during the summer with the sun out and the days longer, the fresh smells, the beautiful flowers. I love summer!! =)

See you all back on Wednesday.


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