Happy Earth Day! (and cleanse update)

Happy Earth Day everyone!

A picture I took over the weekend while hiking Loch Lomond in Felton, CA

Have you been trying to make changes in your life that will help sustain our planet? My husband and I have  been making gradual changes over the past few years to show our love to the earth. We started out small, like recycling more, but have really been making more of a conscious effort over the past few years.

We’ve been walking and biking and taking public transit as much as possible. It’s a little easier to do that since we live in Northern California and can bike all year round. My husband even takes the train to work each day even though it adds a fair amount of time to his commute. We probably only use our car a couple of times a week now. I find it a fun challenge to try and increase the distance I can bike to and from on a weekly basis. Last Friday, I biked 12 miles home from visiting my husband at work and realised I had biked a total of 23 miles for the day!

Even though I originally went vegan for health reasons initially, the environmental impact was a close second for me. I feel eating a plant based, seasonal diet really helps slow down the wear and tear on the environment. Although my hubby is not vegan, he has adopted a diet very low in animal protein and tries to make sure the meat he does consume is local and organic.

And speaking of food, we buy the majority of our produce from the local farmer’s market. Over the past year I have had a chance to get to know the farmers and the practices they use on their farms and feel better knowing my bucks support local farmers. We also started growing some tomato plants and fresh herbs on our balcony and are considering starting a worm compost as there is no compost program in our area.

And now a quick cleanse update!

I thought I’d share some pics of some of the things I’ve been enjoying for the past week.


















I’d say, all in all, it’s going very well. I did notice some irritability (my husband noticed a lot!), which I attribute to my blood sugar normalising. By day 5 my skin had completely cleared up (not that it was bad to start with mind you), the bloating I had experienced had vanished, my cravings were subsiding, I was sleeping better and I lost some weight (which I am trying to do at this point). Some negative things I noticed was that I don’t think I’m eating enough, my caloric intake is too low for the amount of activity I enjoy doing in a given day. I need to remember to take it easier when I’m cleansing. Despite the large amount of water I’ve been consuming, my skin has dried right out and I am attributing this to lack of fats. The only thing I can think of is olive oil. I have sworn it off for this brief cleanse per the recommendation of the Eat to Live book, but still eating lots of walnuts and avocados and other nuts and seeds. I’m not sure I agree with the interpretation of olive oil being bad (as long as it is enjoyed in moderation!) and that coconut oil is an absolute no-no. Um really? :( So we’ll see how things go when I gradually start to reintroduce those things.

I have to admit, for the entire first 5 days, I did incredibly well and stuck to the eating patterns I had set out for myself. I was proud of myself as I made it through two social functions revolving around food without breaking habit. It’s only 10 days after all. But along came Sunday and my vegan girls group got together and I caved. I ate chips and guaccamole. The guac is fine, I’ve been eating that, but I’ve been really trying to make a clean break from chips. When I eat them, I just eat more and more and feel crappy afterwards. When I went home, I ended up eating pasta for dinner and it was made in a very healthful way, but I ended up eating a portion much too large and overeating and having a macaroon after. Chips! Why do you do this to me?

Ah well, today is a new day and I’m definitely feeling the effects of yesterday, but I shall persevere on and add another day on to my cleanse to make up for the interruption.

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend =)

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