Happy New Year! I hope you had a truly wonderful year and are looking forward to this new one with excitement =)

As mentioned last year, I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions. I used to, but I would try so hard to jump into a bunch of things, that all it did was set me up for failure. I prefer to set smaller, attainable goals throughout the year; by the week, month and bigger ones over the course of the year.

Last year I was hoping to:

  • travel somewhere new
  • learn how to say no more (anyone else have this problem?!)
  • devote even more time to my blog
  • work on stress management
  • start to learn to speak Spanish (when in Rome…)
  • pick up a hobby I used to enjoy and haven’t had time for (leaning towards art)
  • and my #1 focus for the year – find a healthy relationship with myself and learn to love my body just the way it is

We checked out Hawaii last year and it was amazing! I could still use a little fine-tuning with saying no, but I got a good start with it at least! I definitely devoted more time to my blog (hello HVF & Vegan Mofo!). I feel like I’ve really improved on not getting so worked up about things and will continue to work on this as I feel like this is an ongoing practice for me. I actually signed up for 2 art classes in 2014 and hope to continue that more this year. I did not even begin to learn Spanish. Ah well. And as for my primary goal, I actually made a ton of progress on this, but I also feel like I just chipped the tip of the iceberg and have so much more to do to love my body. 

For 2015 I hope to:

  • travel somewhere new (I’m looking at you, Texas!)
  • find more ways to feel productive (maybe more of a state of mind than actual *doing* things)
  • volunteer a minimum of 500 hours (looks like I came in just under 350 this year – I can do better!)
  • finish projects around our apartment (decorating and cuting the place up a bit)
  • start to learn Spanish!
  • read more non-fiction books (recommendations welcome)
  • continue to work on finding a healthy relationship with myself and learn to love my body just the way it is

Highlights from this year:

Hawaii Trip

Visit to Canada for mom’s birthday

Fundraiser for rescue pups

Easter with this crazy, little ewok

Visit from Terry’s family

Girl’s getaway weekend

Seriously rocking a half-marathon

Another trip to Canada for my niece’s birthday

My sister visiting

Weekend away with the girls

D.C. trip

Our one year anniversary with the fluffball =)

Lots of time spent with my loves <3

I had so many exciting adventures last year! I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings =)

5 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. Happy 2015 Kimmy! What a full year you had, so many great experiences, wow!
    Non fiction books to recommend: Discovering your Soul Signature, The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse (not as dumb as it sounds), On My Way to a Happy Life (kids book but beautiful and great for everyone).

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