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I have briefly mentioned in the past my struggles with depression. It had gone away for quite awhile, I was happy for such a long time! And then those pesky dark feelings came back and overwhelmed me when we moved here (BIG changes!). I’ve been slowly, but surely working my way towards a happier me. Somedays are tougher than others. I racked my brain trying to think of ways to stay positive and be happy. Here are some things I have been doing that help:

1) Exercise (I actually LOVE exercise and get a ton, but if you aren’t a big fan, even something as simple as taking a short walk each day will go a long ways in boosting your emotional health)

2) Sleep (an average of 8 hours of z’s a night really helps!)

3) Nutrition (you are what you eat! lots of fruits, veggies, grains & protein with the occasional treat is good)

4) Routine (for me personally, I find routine helps me stay on track with things including emotional health)

5) Support (talk with friends & family about things)

6) “Me” time (a bath, reading, watching a movie, whatever makes you relax & feel good)

7) Journal (write it out! vent away or just write about whatever you want, just for you)

8) Furry companion (most recently, at the peak of my depression, I had a professional recommend I get a dog – honestly, best thing I ever did! I love my fluffy furball, she is a ball of sunshine to me)

9) Laugh (the best medicine right??)

10) Challenge yourself to a 100 days of happiness!

That’s right, we can do it together =) I started yesterday (May 25, 2014). It’s easy-peasy. Just take a picture of something each & every day that makes you happy for the next 100 days. Though that sounds a little daunting, it is quick. Think about how many pictures you probably take each day anyway.

Check out this link to learn more & sign up.

Instead of spamming you with a post every day for 3+ months, I will post once a week with a roundup of pictures from the previous week. This will either be my Monday post, or I may add it in some weeks in addition to my Monday post.

Here was my day #1:

Taking Sunny to the dog park =D

What makes you happy?

9 thoughts on “Happiness Challenge

  1. You and I have chatted about this – pretty sure! I, too, have struggled with depression in the past. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had a spell with it in quite some time. This past year my sister was diagnosed as well and I feel for her, too! As I do you :) I really love your way of looking forward and posting about your happenings – your goals – your progress! I think blogs are a great way to do that – and give us a bit of accountability, too! I’ll be checking in often to see what you are up to on this journey :) HUGS!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Reading blogs like yours also helps me stay in my happy place. Knowing someone who has struggled with it in the past but is doing so well now is uplifting and inspiring =)

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  3. Kimmy, what a lovely idea. Is it hard to remember to do the challenge every day? Maybe I’ll do a “soft start” to practice and then ramp up to a “real” start in a couple of weeks. (Life is super crazy right now; apparently I don’t have time to be happy? Yikes…)

    Thanks for sharing your struggles and writing an inspiring post!

    1. I did actually forget to take a picture one day and I just commented about the day instead. I think it’s ok as long as just focus on being happy – no point in stressing over pictures during a happiness challenge haha ;p
      Let me know if you try it out!

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